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Manning - Model IR-F4 - Fixed Infrared Gas Sensor

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

Fixed infrared gas sensor that detects high levels (%) of Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide in industrial applications. The Manning IR-F4 sensor responds to Ammonia (NH3) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) up to percent levels in ambient air.

Manning - Model EC-F9 - NH3 with SensorCheck

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

Industry leading performance in Ammonia detection technology. The Manning EC-F9-NH3 with SensorCheck™ features industry-leading performance gas detection technology and adds a built-in system to monitor and predict the sensor’s electrical viability. Available with an optional LCD that allows real time display of gas concentration. The ...

Manning - Model EC-F3 - Galvanic Cell Type Oxygen Sensor

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

A galvanic cell type Oxygen sensor that exhibits exceptionally long life plus excellent chemical durability. The Manning EC-F3 exhibits excellent accuracy and precision, with negligible response to common interference gases and dramatic changes in relative humidity.

Manning - Model EC-F2 - Ammonia Sensor

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

An Ammonia sensor that exhibits excellent accuracy and precision. The Manning EC-F2 Sensor is a three-wire, 4/20 mA sensor for Ammonia available in ranges of 0-100 ppm, 0-250 ppm, 0-500 ppm and 0-1,000 ppm.

Manning - Model Air Alert 96d - Multichannel Gas Monitoring System

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

Acts as the nerve centre of a modular gas detection network by providing continuous monitoring of up to 96 sensors. The Manning AirAlert™ 96d multichannel gas monitoring system is designed for installation and operational simplicity for continuous monitoring and control of toxic gases, combustible gases and Oxygen hazards.

Manning - Model VL - Vent Line Sensor

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

Continuously monitor for potential leaks in the vent lines of refrigeration systems. The Manning Vent Line sensor continuously monitors vent line headers for Ammonia and fluorocarbons. The Manning Vent Line (VL) is designed to continuously monitor for high concentrations of Ammonia or fluorocarbons in vent lines of refrigeration systems.

MAN - TGX – The Ideal Solution for Long-haul Transport

by MAN Group     based in Munich, GERMANY

In national and international long-haul transport, efficiency and productivity are the key factors that will enable you to succeed in the global competition. The MAN TGX long-haul transport vehicle sets new standards in heavy-duty series and meets the most stringent requirements for comfort, economy and dynamics. Discover the MAN TGX and reach ...

MAN - TGX EfficientLine

by MAN Group     based in Munich, GERMANY

The MAN TGX EfficientLine has already won numerous awards, including 'Fleet Truck of the Year' and 'Green Truck 2011'. Economy, fuel consumption and sustainability are among the main characteristics of the EfficientLine models. If you have a TGX EfficientLine in your fleet, you're well-equipped to beat the competition in long-haul transport. The ...

MAN - 2-Stroke Engine

by MAN Group     based in Munich, GERMANY

MAN Diesel & Turbo is designing, licensing and servicing MAN B&W 2-stroke low speed crosshead diesel engines for stationary power plants. Experience in this application has been accumulated over a period of more than 35 years. The important task for us is to maintain and update our technical database by involvement in on-going ...

MAN - 13.5 MW MAN 7L48/60 Diesel Generator Power Plant

by Pelrine & Buchanan’s Maritime Trading Worldwide Ltd     based in Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

13.5 MW MAN 7L48/60 Diesel Generator Power PlantThe plant comprises of two 6750 KW Man 7L48/60 Diesel Engines and Leroy Somer Alternators, 500 rpm, 50 HZ, 6000 volt, , Fuel: Heavy Fuel Oil and Light Fuel Oil, 6000 hrs since Major overhaul, manuals, Inspection report, all maintenance documentation. Complete Plant going cheap

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