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ABUTEC - High Temperature Flare (HTF)


ABUTEC’s High Temperature Flares are high quality, flexible, release low emissions, are BACT compliant, CSA approved, and able to burn very low calorific gas. The High Temperature Flare has been proven in all applications and is more cost competitive than traditional enclosed flares or vapor combustors. We save you money while meeting all ...

MegaTron - XS - Water Monitoring System

by Advantage Controls, LLC.

Single System Capability, Internet Communication, Multi-Level security, Easy ATM Style Menu.

ABUTEC - Siloxane Flare


ABUTEC’s Siloxane Flares are high quality, flexible, provide low emissions, are BACT compliant, CSA approved and able to burn very low calorific gas. When you need to purify landfill waste gas, our Siloxane Flare is an ideal solution and has been proven and tested time and time again.

Flaring Solutions for the Midstream Oil and Gas industry - Marine Loading Terminal


Barge and marine vessel loading facilities are key players in the midstream oil and gas pipelines. These facilities must have a system specifically designed to control and combust the vapors inherently produced in the oil cargo transfer process. Additionally, potential hazards related to the loading of barges and vessels are great, and include ...

Model 255 - Geminex Pilot


The Model 255 pilot is a combination of our Model 245 pilot and Model 250 ENERGEX pilot. The Model 255 pilot can be ignited using a flame front generator and/or the Excitor (electronic sparking device). This pilot provides double security in case one ignition system should fail to ignite the pilot for any reason. This pilot should be used in ...

Husky - Quick Fix Field Repair Kits

by Husky Portable Containment

Our “Quick Fix” field repair kits are designed for emergency field repairs and can immediately repair small holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON. There is no gluing necessary—just peel and stick to the damaged area and keep your tank, tarp or berm in the game.

Chimera Flares


The Chimera was developed to flare liquid hydrocarbons without liquid fallout or soot formation (smoke). These burners provide excellent service for various onshore applications that require high destruction efficiency of liquid hydrocarbons. When oil is flared, a high pressure media such as an air, gas, or steam is required to mechanically ...

Rental Flares System


Rental flares provide a convenient, temporary flaring solution when flaring must exist during scheduled flare maintenance intervals or plant downtime. Flare Industries has an extensive inventory of rental flares that fit your application; whether a sonic flare, utility flare, or air-assist flare is required for temporary flaring, Flare Industries ...

Wastewater Treatment + Anaerobic Digester


ABUTEC manufactures and services low-emission, low-nitric-oxide enclosed flares for the wastewater and anaerobic digester industries. We offer compact solutions and competitively priced equipment for companies that are upgrading due to new regulations, evaluating a gas-to-energy project or looking for a green technology to work in emergency or ...

Husky - Tread Pads

by Husky Portable Containment

Husky®'s tread pads are an accessory to our drive through berms. Tread Pads protect your berm in traffic areas and are positioned inside the berm where your vehicles tires will be tracking on the berm. Husky® Tread Pads are 2.5’-3’ wide by 2’ longer than your berm. Standard Tread Pads come in two different materials. Our ...

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