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Pow-R - Model 750 - Command Controller

by Eaton Corporation     based in Cleveland, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Eaton's Pow-R-Command 750 is a microprocessor-based, programmable lighting control system that can be used to efficiently control electrical loads while maintaining a compact design. It simplifies lighting control design by allowing you to layout your system using standard panelboard sizes and is ideal for the varying demands of today’s ...

Pow-R - Model 25 - Command Controller

by Eaton Corporation     based in Cleveland, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Used as a stand-alone panelboard controlled by a time clock, photo cell, or wall switch, the Pow-R-Command 25 offers a NEC110-10 solution for replacement of contactor- and relay-based lighting control schemes. It requires no field programming and comes factory wired to specification. It is the simplest way to remotely operate lighting in zones, ...

Commander System

by H2O Inc. and H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.     based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA)

The Commander System is a patent-pending quality monitoring system for on-site stored water designed to e-mineralize potable water. It's like having a team of water quality experts on duty 24/7.

Command, Control & Communications (C4I)

by ECSI International, Inc.     based in Clifton, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Intrusion Detection and Monitoring System (IDMS). ECSI's IDMS employs PC based monitoring and control systems for assessment of perimeter intrusion detection systems. Our IDMS utilizes only commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software, configured to provide a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) and human machine interface (HMI) for ...

Model PASSY - Hands-Free Command Device

by BFT S.p.A.     based in Schio, ITALY

THE ULTIMATE COMFORT: PASSY makes it possible to command the gate without performing any action. Simply approach the gate and see it open. SAFETY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: No distractions while driving. PASSY lets you keep your eyes on the road, for our own safety and that of who is around us. EXCLUSIVITY AND ELEGANCE: PASSY features groundbreaking ...

Niskin - Model 1010 - Water Sampler

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Non-metallic free-flushing sampling bottles activated by GO Devil messenger (1000-MG) when individually or serially attached to hydrocable. Sequential closure by remote command with model 1015 Rosette multibottle array, or with model AR1015 Acoustic Command Control option.

SmartTrak - Model 100 Series - Compod Programmable Control Module

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

With its advanced mass flow sensor capabilities, the Compod™ control valve, coupled with Sierra’s SmartTrak 100 mass flow meters (MFM’s) or controllers (MFC’s) greatly simplifies air flow control systems and permits networking of multiple instruments using open-source MODBUS RTU protocol. Compod™ also monitors the ...

Dyacon - Model TPH-1 - Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure Sensor (Modbus)

by Dyacon, Inc.     based in Newton, UTAH (USA)

TPH-1 is a digital output air sensor that combines air temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure in one sensor device. TPH-1 uses Modbus RS-485 to connect to computers, programmable logic controllers, and some data loggers.The sensor is suitable for use as an outdoor environmental device or for indoor HVAC controls.

Side-Trak - Model 840 - Analog Gas Mass Flow Controller

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Get accurate, reliable mass flow control with Sierra’s SideTrak® Model 840 analog mass flow meter and controller. With precise primary standard calibration to measure any clean, dry gas under with low pressure drop – including oxygen, mixtures, toxics, corrosives and combustibles – the SideTrak flow meter has proven ...

PEWE - Command Control Process Automation Systems

by Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC.     based in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA)

PEWE Command Control® automated systems ensure safe and efficient process and wastewater operations. We build custom controls and associated motor control centers delivering consistent performance and measurable results. Operators will find the standard color touch-screen and multi-lingual interface easy to navigate while providing a comprehensive ...

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