- Model Mac 110L/1 - Commercial and Municipal Solid Waste Balers (Medium Volume)

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Macpresse - Model Mac 110L/1 - Commercial and Municipal Solid Waste Balers (Medium Volume)

Capacity: 35/40 tons/hour. The MAC 110L/1 baler is a medium volume baler for baling commercial and municipal solid waste. Like the MAC 108 L, the MAC 110 L /1 baler is a specifically designed and features an exceptionally solid construction; it uses bolted-in Hardox 500 steel liners to reduce corrosion and wear & tear. The Macpresse dedicated range of ‘L’ series MSW balers are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to process MSW in even the most challenging conditions, .i.e leachate, organics, vermin, high, corrosion, wear & tear.

Application/Industries Served

Macpresse is the world leader in MSW baling; and our worldwide references speak for themselves. The Macpresse dedicated range of ‘L’ series MSW balers are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to process MSW in even the most challenging conditions, .i.e leachate, organics, vermin, high, corrosion, wear & tear. Baling capacities range up to 70 tons/hour, or 1000 t/day per baler. All balers have liners of bolted Hardox steel plates, with high compaction and low maintenance costs.

MSW bales are wrapped with LLDPE foil; this eliminates leachate, methane gas, bad odours etc. Wrapped MSW bales can now be transported without soiling loading floors, there is no spilling of leachate onto the public roads. The bale sizes enable trucks to be loaded easily and space efficiently.

With its smaller plant layout, Baling & Wrapping of MSW optimises the available floor space and enables a more time-efficient movement of vehicles, i.e. trucks, fork lifts, front loaders etc.

Landfill remediation technology consists of trommel screens, sorting, and baling. Under-trommel material can be further processed as raw compost, or as filling material. Rest waste is baled and landfilled.

For the RDF industry, Macpresse offers both front end and post production technology. Our MRFs are positioned prior to drying; post end our balers compact RDF into high density bales, logistically easy to handle & transport in containers or by rail.


High density bales in perfect shape – lowering your costs – maximizing your profit.

For over 40 years, Macpresse designs and manufactures complete solutions for the recycling industry.

From individual technologies, i.e. balers, shredders etc. right up to complete sorting plants and Material Recovery Faclities.

Our customers typically process either unsorted or pre-sorted industrial, commercial or municipal solid waste. We assess in detail the individual requirements of our clients, and offer customized solutions. The objective is to offer cost effective technologies, with predictable and low operation & maintenance costs, maximizing the existing floor space and to produce end bales with the highest possible density and shape.

Our balers can compact a large variety of different materials, from paper, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, to wood and other materials. Bales can be stacked safely to maximum permissible heights; they are easily handled and do not break even when dropped. Our bales sizes are optimal for truck and container loading, thus maximizing the available space.


For landfill sites that wish to increase their longevity

The emergence of mega-cities worldwide produces new challenges to process the high volumes of MSW: it needs to be transported, treated and to be recycled. Macpresse offers complete, efficient and simple solutions for all MSW challenges for transfer stations, landfill sites and material recovery facilities

Transfer Stations and cost effective transport of MSW

Inner-city transfer stations require valuable space and are a potential focus for civic discontent. Besides the classic compactor technology, Macpresse also offers solutions to significantly reduce transport and operational costs: MSW is baled & wrapped at the transfer station and cost effectively transported not by special waste trucks but by using standard transport means, i.e. truck or rail to the landfill site. Leachate, smell, bird & wind fly problems are eliminated. The footprint of a Macpresse technology is also significantly smaller than conventional layouts.

Utilise your landfill space and extend its lifespan: Baling of Waste

Landfill sites are filling up faster than originally planned. With a compaction ratio of 1:4, Macpresse balers increase landfill space by up to 45% and consequently extend the life span. .Optional wrapping of bales significantly reduces to a minimum classic problems i.e. methane gas, leachate, wind & bird fly, odours, vermin. A balefill also brings down your operation & maintenance costs: no landfill compactors, lower diesel costs and less soil cover.

Landfill remediation of existing or already closed landfills is a suitable method to utilize existing space, to extract recyclables materials or to produce RDF, or raw compost.

Material Recovery Facilities – turning your landfill into a ‘goldmine’

Recyclables like paper, plastic, metal, glass etc can be extracted from the MSW stream, thus turning your landfill into a ‘goldmine’. Macpresse Material Recovery Facilities are tailor-made to separate the organics and to positively sort out the recyclables of your choice. The MRF can be manually or fully automated, and on a turn-key basis.


Refuse Derived Fuel has become a cost effective fuel of choice for cement kilns, power plants, etc.. RDF can be processed from wet and dry MSW. Macpresse supplies the world leaders in RDF technology. The Macpresse PolyTie utilizes a plastic tie technology as an alternative to the conventional wire tie. The plastic wire tie can be easily incinerated and does not need to be handled separately.

Paper Industry

Increase your productivity, lower your costs – Complete solutions for the Paper Industry

Macpresse has a long tradition and a mint reputation for supplying specialized solutions for the paper industry, from recycler and paper recovery to the paper/pulp manufacturers.

Paper converters, box plants, book binders and printing houses use Macpresse automatic baling balers with a capacity from 3 to 60 ton/h. The paper bales are of the highest density and perfect shape, easy to handle, stack and transport. Our bale dimensions optimize the loading of trucks and containers – resulting in more money for your paper.

Macpresse designs and manufactures conveyors for a wide range of applications, e.g. paper pulpers, and belts for production waste typically generated by paper mills and sorting plants.

Macpresse also provides reel-cutters with rotating or hydraulic blades to cut large paper reels.

For the destruction of even larger quantities of confidential documents, Macpresse supplies special shredders and automatic balers for pneumatic in-feed.

MAC shredders are used to reduce volume of waste paper prior to being baled, i.e. 1 ton pallets of newspapers, encyclopedias and all the print waste from the rotary presses of paper mills. Macpresse delivers turnkey solutions for paper shredding, i.e. typically 3 x 3 cm2. . Production rates vary from 4 to 7 tons/hour according to end size required.

Macpresse designs and manufactures complete paper sorting plants, manual operated or fully automated. Paper is sorted according to its different types and grades, and then baled. Macpresse sorting plants are the result of decades of experience supplying the needs of our customers worldwide.

Special Applications

Processing of Agricultural waste

Agricultural waste materials like wheat and rice straw, EFB, and bagasse etc. can be sold and used as animal feed, as fuel for kilns and small power plants. and for the production of ethanol.

Unfortunately these materials are not easy to compact using traditional agricultural type balers. Macpresse balers have successfully been used in several countries, i.e. Japan, Korea, China, Sudan for transport and storage. Bale weights of up to 2 tons have been achieved.

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