Meteorological instruments: rain gauges

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Meteorological instruments: rain gauges
Rain gauges are used to determine the precipitation at a certain point which is representative for a certain area.

16.76 Rain gauge with large (external) collecting jar
Rain gauge consisting of a collecting funnel with collecting jar and measuring vessel. The rain gauge is connected to an external collecting jar by a syphon tube. The rain gauge is specially designed for intensive precipitation (tropics).

16.77 Standard rain gauge
Rain gauge consisting of a collecting funnel with a 1 liter collecting jar and measuring vessel of 0-10 mm with a 0.1 mm division.

16.78 Mechanical precipitation recorder
The mechanical self-recording rain gauge is suitable for measuring the precipitation intensity .

16.81 Rain gauge with data-logger
The rain gauge is made from UV resistant plastic and has an aerodynamic design. The rain gauge operates on the tipping bucket principle and is provided with a switch closure output, which is connected to the built-in datalogger. The pulses returned during rainfall are counted over any time interval desired allowing accurate determination of the rainfall intensity. This variable is frequently used in soil erosion studies and is relevant to some aspects of crop pathology.

16.84 Rain gauge with data-logger and solar energy system
As an alternative the rain gauge with datalogger can be supplied with a solar energy system.

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