- Model 900 - Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

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TAPI - Model 900 - Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

The Model 900 is a fully integrated ambient air quality system. TAPI ships the system wired, plumbed, and fully checked -- ready for installation.

Each 900 system undergoes an intensive final inspection prior to shipment to ensure operational integrity. Set-up is as simple as providing a suitable shelter, connecting the Model 900 to a power source, installing the sampling manifold, and calibrating the unit before taking data.

Purchasing a complete and full documented turn-key system saves time and cost. TAPI designs for system compatibility by integrating calibrators, met equipment, dataloggers, and software. TAPI equipment has many common assemblies, thus reducing maintenance costs and providing for ease of care.

TAPI will supply a complete system to meet the exact application with guaranteed performance at a fixed price. Contact TAPI for a quotation.


  • Tested as a complete system
  • Shipped fully wired and plumbed
  • EPA certified analyzers:
  • Model T100 or T100U UV Fluorescence SO2
  • Model T200 or T200U Chemiluminescence NOx, NO, NO2
  • Model T300 or T300U Gas Filter Correlation CO
  • Model T400 UV Absorption O3
  • Model T700 or T700U Dynamic Dilution Calibrator
  • Model 701 or 701H Zero Air System
  • Sample manifold
  • System cabinet with circuit breaker, wire trays, ventilation fans, and exhaust manifold
  • Certified Calibration Cylinders with regulators
  • Data Acquisition System


  • Model 602 BetaPLUS Particle Measurement System
  • Model T101 UV Fluorescence H2S Analyzer
  • Model T201 Chemiluminescence NH3 Analyzer
  • VOC Analyzer
Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI)
Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI)
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San Diego ,  California 92121-5201

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