Modular Sand Media Filter

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Modular Sand Media Filter

The Modular Sand Media Filter is an advanced filtration system, designed from the ground up, especially for media filtration, to provide the ultimate Sand Media Filter. Each Modular Filter Tank is capable of flowing between 15 and 25 gallons per minute depending on the mesh of the sand, coarse or fine sand media. Each Modular Sand Media Filter Tank is self contained with a flush valve. The flush valve can be operated manually or automatic. Automatic Flushing is operated by a Two Wire Back Flush Controller (96 station tanks), thereby keeping the number of wires leaving the controller to the entire Modular Filter System to only two wires. Each Modular Sand Media Filter tank is equipped with a Receiver and Solenoid. The Receiver is “coded” to receive the “code” from the controller to operate the Back Flush Valve to that particular tank.

As more tanks are added to the system, no extra wires are needed to the controller, only continue the “two wire” cable to the added tanks. In larger systems, when an abundant amount of Modular Sand Media Filter tanks are used, flushing more than one tank at a time is an option. Up to three tanks can be operated from one back flush solenoid. The Solenoids are plumbed individually with ¼” tubing. This design eliminates all the plumbing and long runs as on other sand media filters. It is designed to be neat, clean and efficient.

The Back Flush valve can be unassembled in less than one minute for easy and fast servicing. A unique manifold system makes assembly of the Modular Sand Media Filter a snap to install. All connections are “union” type and can be hand tightened for easy installation and removal. The design of the Modular Filter is simple and efficient. The “Foot Print” of the Modular Sand Media Filter system is similar to Steel and Stainless Steel tank media filter systems.

Existing sand media filter systems are offered in sizes that sometimes do not fit the gallons required for your system. Those are either too big, causing troublesome back flush or too small causing higher pressure losses. With the Modular Sand Media Filter system you can design the system for the exact gallons per minute required of the system design (plus or minus 20 GPM). If you add to your acreage, simply add the required Modular Sand Media Filter tanks needed no mess, and no fuss.

The light weight Modular Sand Media Filter is manufactured of Glass Filled Nylon, a proven material for long life. The Easy Assembly Manifold is manufactured of UVR (Ultra Violet Resistant) PVC. Each Modular Sand Media tank will hold only 5 gallons of the required sand mesh size. An easy fill port is provided on the top of the filter for filling the sand media. There is an easy access port on the bottom of the filter for draining and replacing the media.

The unique Modular design of the Sand Media Filter makes back flushing very efficient. For example, on a 480 GPM, 2-48” tank system, back flushing of one tank will take over 50% of the water flow. This lowers the pressure on the system causing slow action of the back flush valve. In some cases an expensive pressure sustaining valve must be used.

This is not necessary in a multi tank Modular Sand Media Filter system. This wastes water and causes longer flush times to achieve a maximum cleaning of the filter. With the Modular Sand Media Filter, the back flush system will operate only 1 of the 20 tanks (as compared to a 2-48” tank system), only 5% of the system flow. There will be minimum pressure loss, allowing the flush valve to react quickly and efficiently, with a minimum amount back flush water. The net results being less overall back flush water being used. With back flush flows of approximately 25 GPM, a back flush water recovery system can be utilized at a very low cost, as compared to existing systems on the market today.

The Under Drain of the Modular Sand Media Filter is designed especially for this filter, covering 90% of the bottom of the filter. The Under drain back flushes vertically on the upside only. No flow is directed in any direction other than straight up, lifting the filter Media evenly, allowing for the most efficient back flush with a minimum amount of flow available to the market today.
The Modular Sand Media Filter is designed to be a Sand Media Filter. It is designed to be water saving efficient. It is light weight, easy to install and easy to maintain. The Modular Sand Media Filter system addresses and corrects the majority of the common faults of existing sand media systems on the market today.


  • Light Weight No Rust - Glass Filled Nylon and UVR PVC Construction
  • Modular Design • 15-25GPM per Tank-Add as Many Tanks as Needed
  • Minimal Back Flush Water - Individual Back Flush Valves
  • Two Wire Back Flush Controller - 96 Station Back Flush Controller
  • Pressure Switch
  • Similar Foot Print As Existing Sand Media Tanks
  • Back Flush Water Recovery System Available
  • No Pressure Sustaining Valves Needed for Back Flush
  • No Forklifts Needed - Easy Installation
  • Only 5 Gallons of Media Per Tank
  • Available with Groove Inlet / Outlet or Union Connections
  • Supplied with Air Release Valves and Pressure Gauges
Irritec USA Inc.
Irritec USA Inc.
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