Multi Plasma Modul

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Multi Plasma Modul

Initially designed as a simple upgrade for Castolin Eutectic Tig equipment, as a big step closer to laser welding, mainly for applications in tool and die, it has been further developed and today is offered in 3 versions: Multi Plasma Modul DC (for DC power sources ONLY). Multi Plasma Modul AC-DC (for AC-DC power sources). Multi Plasma Modul for powder welding (as an upgrade of the previous two versions).

  • Multi purpose plasma upgrade module for existing Castolin Eutectic DC and AC-DC Tig power sources
  • Modular, lightweight and versatile;
  • Ideal for manual tool and die applications where high precision and low heat input are required;
  • The extra-long and focused plasma arc allows maximum accessibility, better view of the part and control of the weld pool;
  • Upgrade for plasma powder welding available.

Multi Plasma Modul

The MULTI PLASMA MODUL is the immediate and easy modular upgrade of Castolin Eutectic DC and AC-DC TIG power sources.

Main advantages of plasma technology

Compared to conventional arc welding processes, plasma shows unique features:

  • High energy density
  • Exceptionally stable and focused arc
  • Lower dilution and penetration
  • Smooth and porosity free coatings

That in tool and die operations turn into the following outstanding advantages when compared to standard Tig process:

  • Higher precision and easyness of use
  • Minimum heat input, heat affected zone and distortions
  • Better accessibility and visibility of the piece and weld pool due to the higher arc length allowed
  • Lower level of post-weld machining

 Three versions for all plasma welding applications:

The standard Multi Plasma Modul, originally designed for DC tool and die operations, is now available also in AC-DC version (*) and upgradable with optional extensions for manual plasma powder welding and coating.

Castolin Eutectic
Castolin Eutectic
Ch. de la Venoge 7
St-Sulpice , CH-1025; VD



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