Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (CR/CRE/CRI/CRN)

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Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (CR/CRE/CRI/CRN)

It is an idea that is as revolutionary as it is simple: take the ever-popular CR pump and make it bigger – much bigger. The 75 kW CR150 is Grundfos’ answer to the growing demand for larger pumping solutions. It has exactly the same benefits you know from conventional CR pumps – reliability, modularity, efficiency – and twice the power. This giant can take the place of two pumps with all the cost benefits that implies.

Main product data

  • Flow, Q: max 120 (m3/h)
  • Head, H: max 270 (m)
  • Operation pressure (max bar): max 30
  • Liquid temp (C°): - 40 up to +120

The CR range uses innovative technology to bring you real benefits. Our engineering teams have focused on bringing you the very best within three main areas:

  • Superior reliability
  • Unmatched cost efficiency
  • The most extensive range on the market

These benefits will have a real impact on your business results.

Superior reliability  
The CR is renowned for its reliability. And rightly so. The CR design has all the durability that customers expect from a high-quality multistage pump - and then some. We have added unique features to ensure unsurpassed reliability: efficient dry-running protection, a unique cartridge seal that is both hard-wearing and easy to replace, and a full-titanium variant for very demanding environments.

We have every confidence in the CR pump. And our rigourous testing of all pumps prior to delivery means that you can safely trust them too. 
Cost of Ownership  
Electricity is the most expensive part of any pump. This simple fact is often overlooked when pumps and prices are compared.

It may still come as a surprise to some to learn that the initial purchase price and maintenance costs account for less than 15% of the total cost of owning a pump. This means that electricity accounts for no less than 85% of the total cost! So if you want to save money, you should go for the lowest possible energy consumption.
Customised solutions  
The CR pump can be customised to meet individual requirements with remarkable ease. Grundfos takes a 'mix and match' approach to customisation - simply think of the various elements as modules that can be combined to create the perfect pump for you.

The total number of possible configurations is approximately 1 000 000, so of course we cannot present every option here. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific queries.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation
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