- On-line Mercury Analyzer

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AppliTek - On-line Mercury Analyzer

AppliTek's mercury (Hg) analyzer system is a state of the art monitor using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) to determine on-line the mercury level in stack gases, even with strongly bound mercury that can cause false readings. The system includes a thermal catalyst, integrated within the sampling probe, reducing ionic mercury compounds to elemental mercury vapor. The mercury is finally measured in a UV atomic absorption photometer.

On top of that, a special amalgamation unit eliminates completely cross-interference from organic components, such as NO, NOX and VOCs. This measurement mode can deal with extremely small concentrations but is restricted to batchwise readings (discontinuous). When concentrations exceed a user-defined threshold, however, the On-line Mercury Analyzer switches automatically to the continuous mode.

The On-line Mercury Analyzer comes factory calibrated and needs virtually no further calibration nor maintenance.

General Features

  • Thermocatalytic converter integrated in the sampling probe, easily accessible
  • Automatic switching between continuous/discontinuous mode (amalgamation unit)
  • Human interface: 4-line color TFT display, backlit
  • Temperature controlled high-frequency UV excitation lamp
  • Continuous operation (no integration time)
  • Detection limit less than 1 µg/m3
  • Factory calibrated (FAT certificate included)
  • Automatic zero point calibration
  • Pressure and temperature compensation
  • Response time selectable (1s up to 30s)
  • Communication: 4 - 20 mA, RS232

Options / Extra

Supplied as an integrated system in a dedicated rack cabinet with all necessary connections and communications. Please inquire with us on the possibilities or check the detailed section on this.

AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division
AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division
Venecoweg 19
Nazareth , B-9810; B-9810

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