ORP Sensor Series

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ORP Sensor Series

The ECD ORP sensor is a simple, cost-effective design that combines high performance with low life cycle costs. The ORP sensor is designed without glass allowing for a wide range of harsh applications. ECD offers several rebuildable ORP sensors designed for high accuracy measurement with the lowest total cost of ownership. Our ORP sensors are designed without glass and have been proven in a wide variety of the most severe applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Readily available application specific sensor
  • Long life replaceable sensor cartridges lowers the overall operating cost
  • Industry leading pressure and temperature specifications
  • Wide variety of sensor materials
  • Broad range of installation configurations
  • Built in signal conditioning for noise-free signal
  • SENTINEL: the 'PrepHault' sensor life indicator
  • Measurement range ±2000 mV
Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.
Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.
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