Oxiperm OCD-164/OCC-164

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Oxiperm OCD-164/OCC-164

By developing the new chlorine dioxide preparation system Oxiperm OCD-164/OCC-164 ALLDOS introduces a further innovative system for efficient and safe water disinfection on the world market. Oxiperm OCD-164 for diluted solutions. Oxiperm OCC-164 for concentrated components. No matter what type of system you choose, the interaction of precise dosing technology, perfect mixture of components and complete chemical reaction within a short time as well as modern control electronics helps you generate your chlorine dioxide in a highly effective way and reduces your costs considerably. Both systems operate according to the chlorite / hydrochloric acid principle.

Broad fields of application by broad capacity spectrum

Oxiperm 164 offers you a broad and well-graded capacity spectrum:

  • Oxiperm OCD-164: 5 to 2000 g/h
  • Oxiperm OCC-164: 150 to 2500 g/h
  • Oxiperm OCC-164: 4 to 10 kg/h

Outstanding ergonomics by compact construction

The compact design and function of Oxiperm OCD-164/OCC-164 makes the operation, monitoring and maintenance easier for you:

  • all control and monitoring elements are on the unit front
  • all sensible components of the system are installed safely and well-protected on the back on the unit
  • all system parts needing regular maintenance are easily accessible

Easy and safe disinfection process by modern electronics

All Oxiperm OCD-164/OCC-164 systems are equipped with modern sensors and with extensive safety elements - for the extremely easy and accurate control of the processes of adding, reaction and preparation. Especially the Oxiperm OCC-164 for concentrated components offers multiple security.

Further technical features:

  • Modern and convenient calibrating and deaeration systems for accurate mixing, reaction and dosing
  • Calibration and container exchange during operation
  • Various control modes: batch dosing, direct control by proportional signals (contact/analog), direct control by a PLC system, chlorine dioxide overflow control


  • Drinking water
  • Industrial waste, process and cooling waters
  • Waste water
  • CIP-applications
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