Packed Tower Units

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Packed Tower Units

Packed Tower technology has been used successfully in thousands of locations, throughout the world. In 1989, James R. Roderick, REM, CHMM, President of Remediation Solutions, Inc. designed the first secure, skid mounted units in use today. They are compact, easily shipped, and easily installed. The first compact units were designed and built in 1989. A patent was issued to Mr. Roderick, in 1991 for his design. Many of the original units are still in operation today treating condensate and wastewater impacted with volatile organics.

Packed towers or 'air stripping' is one of the original forms of groundwater remediation. The technology is tried and true. When properly designed, constructed, and used, in the application for which they were intended, packed towers can be 99.9% efficient.

The determination of the tower diameter required, is a function of the treatment flow, i.e., the gallons per minute to be treated. While the tower height is a function of the type of contaminate and concentration to be removed.

The design criteria is based from 'Henry's Constant' with the design being related to an 'air to water ratio'. Water temperature and quality, ambient air temperature, and, the type and quality of the contaminant to be removed all play a major role in the design of the packed tower. We are pleased to have been very successful, over the years, designing, building and installing a wide variety of packed towers for use in several different types of remediation applications.

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