Particle System Characterization: FBRM and PVM

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Particle System Characterization: FBRM and PVM

Particle and droplet systems are notoriously difficult to optimize and scale-up. With FBRM and PVM, METTLER TOLEDO is the world leader for real-time in situ particle system characterization. The ability to measure particles as they naturally exist in a process has dramatically improved the ability to understand, optimize and control particle and droplet systems.

Since acquiring Lasentec in 2001, METTLER TOLEDO has continued to advance the development of FBRM and PVM. With thousands of installations worldwide from the R&D laboratory to the manufacturing plant, our probe-based technologies are acknowledged as the gold standard for measuring and visualizing the rate and degree of change in particle and droplet systems as they naturally exist in process.


FBRM Technology

Real-Time Particle Size Analysis At Full Process Concentration


PVM Technology

In-Process Real-Time Imaging Microscope

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Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc
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