Plastic Chain Operation

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Plastic Chain Operation

The maintenance of sludge scrapers mostly attends to take care of machines mechanically, chain tensioning and to grease chains and bearings. Often there is oil escape which increases wearing on roller chain and sprockets. The wearing also increases cost of maintenance, in worst case there will be a major failure.


Drive unit:

With VA Tekniks replacement drive unit you can combine the better of two worlds. Simplify maintenance and reduce the environmental impact. In many cases the tank insides has been refurbished without replacing the old greasy drive units.


For tanks with modern sludge scrapers but old drive units.


Motor and gear mounted on a plate made of hot-galvanised steel with threaded rods for chain tensioning. Sprockets adapted for the gearing needed for the drive shaft’s sprocket. The minimum dimensions for the area necessary to change operation are 100 mm wide by 500 mm long, recessed or surface operation.


A change to plastic chain operation along with a new driveshaft means that cutting down the driveshaft belongs to the past. You can easily change sprockets without un-mounting the driveshaft. You get rid of oil and other lubricants, you gain in increased lifetime, you make less environmental impact and you decrease your power consumption.


  • No oil leakage
  • Less spare parts
  • More physical space around tanks
  • Decreased power consumption
  • Water lubricates the chain
  • Tanks are isolated from each other (when double-tanks)
  • Plastic chain has longer lifetime
VA Teknik i Borås AB
VA Teknik i Borås AB
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Sludge removal for municipal water treatment

VA Teknik is a Swedish Company whose name is well known on the Water & Waste Water Treatment market. VA Teknik are specialized within sludge scraping and other equipment for sludge removal at Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants. - Non Metallic Chain & Flight scrapers for Clarifiers, API and DAF. - Trickling filter solutions, media and Rotating Distributors. VA Teknik has delivered equipment all over the world to more than 4000 applications during the last 40 years. VA Teknik are certified according to...


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