- Portable Soil Sensor

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POGO - Portable Soil Sensor

Portable soil monitoring is made easy with the Stevens POGO system, simply POke and GO. Paired with Stevens Hydra Probe II and Stevens HydraMon Windows CE program, the POGO makes soil measurement quick and easy.

The POGO can instantly measure:
  • soil moisture
  • conductivity
  • permittivity
  • temperature
  • dielectric constants
  • and up to 17 other parameters that can be logged
  • No calibration necessary - simply select type of soil (silt, sand, clay or loam) and hit 'Sample'
  • Easy-to-use interface designed especially for the touch screen of Windows CE-based PDAs 

Readings are instantly displayed on-screen and logged to the PDA's memory. When the PDA syncs to a computer, the logged file is automatically placed on the PC. The logged data in this file can then be analyzed using MS Excel or other spreadsheet program. The PDA interfaces with the Hydra Probe sensor wirelessly via Bluetooth technology built into some PDAs or via a direct serial cable connection.

The POGO allows soil readings to be taken quickly anywhere - no pre-installed equipment required. This additional flexibility is perfect for spot checking soil characterization and other research and analysis of soil conditions.

The purchase price of the POGO includes:

  • PDA with HydraMon software pre-installed
  • POGO battery pack with voltage monitor and Hydra Probe soil sensor
  • Carry strap
  • All cables to connect and charge the unit
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
12067 NE Glenn Widing Drive, Suite 106
Portland ,  OR 97220


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