Ponds & Streams Education Kit, Level 1

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Ponds & Streams Education Kit, Level 1
Just add Water(TM) Kits - Ponds & Streams Kit, Level 1: Introducing Hach's new Just Add Water(TM) Classroom Science Test Kits. Each one is a complete water science lesson! Our Just Add Water(TM) kits make water testing incredibly simple and totally fun! Every test kit comes with a variety of our most popular Water Quality Test Strips, detailed instructions, and a complete teacher-tested curriculum on diskette. Each test kit is available as a Level 1 kit for grades 3-4 and Level 2 for Middle/Junior High School.
Hach Company
Hach Company
5600 Lindbergh Drive - P.O. Box 389
Loveland ,  CO 80539-0389

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