- 1100 / 1800 / 2200 / 2800 - Heavy-Duty Single Shaft Shredder

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Power Komet - 1100 / 1800 / 2200 / 2800 - Heavy-Duty Single Shaft Shredder

The Lindner Power Komet is a powerful heavy-duty single shaft shredder that is mainly applied for effective shredding with regulated feeding of various pre-shredded materials without extraneous content. The Lindner Power Komet can be individually configured and optimally fitted for its application.

The Power Komet is appealing because of its peak economical as well as ecological performance. The es-sential distinction of the Power Komet compared to the Komet is that it is fitted with an additional ener-gy-saving pre-drive that saves up to 20% of energy cost. In combination with the shredding system devel-oped by Lindner, a total energy reduction of 50% compared to our competitors can be shown.

Technical Data


Key Features

  • Lindner intelligent modular design – flexibly adaptable
  • robust, reliable, durable
  • user- and maintenance friendly
  • energy-saving operations
  • intelligent control system
  • high yield from optimal output
  • low shredding cost per ton


  • domestic and bulky waste
  • commercial and industrial waste
  • paper and cardboard
  • all kind of plastics
  • rubber and tires
  • textiles
  • cables, computer scrap etc.
Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH
Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH
Villacher Strasse 48
Spittal/Drau , 9800; Carinthia


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