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POWERCAT - Cable Recycling Plants

The POWERCAT plant may be small in size, but it is full-grown in performance, yielding an exceptional purity of both metals and insulation. It makes cable recycling remarkably cost-efficient and profitable - even for smaller scrap dealers. The purity of recovered copper and aluminium is normally above 99.5%. The POWERCAT has all the efficiency and proven quality of the larger REDOMA plants, but is compactified in a user-friendly and robust turn-key plant, which requires very little floor-space. The Basic Unit - called POWERCAT A - delivers a substantial throughput of approximately 40 tons of cable per month. But it is compact enough to fit into a single 20-foot container for easy and economical shipping. The POWERCAT A can be easily extended to give almost doubled capacity, making it easy to grow as your business grows.

Technical Specifications:


2. Powercat Turbo (3 sizes) comes with a bigger granulator, which increases the capacity by approx. 25%. 
For example, POWERCAT TURBO C has a capacity of 625 kg/h.

 *) Average infeed capacities are based on household cable with copper content 45%. The purity of the copper is  normally above 99.5%. With reservation for technical alterations.

POWERCAT A: Compact turn-key plant. Forms the basic unit of the extended POWERCAT B and C. Suitable for companies with a smaller amount of cable. Manually fed.

POWERCAT B: Extended with a granulator, thereby increasing the capacity by 60%. Suitable for companies having pre-cut or pre-chopped cable. Manually fed.

POWERCAT C: Highly efficient plant extended with a rough chopper with big infeed hopper and hydraulic pusher, as well as a storage bin with metering, resulting in 70% higher capacity compared with POWERCAT A. High degree of automation, requiring a minimum of manpower. Can process armoured cable.

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Retech Recycling Technology Sweden AB
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