QD3 Quick Deploy Portable RAWS

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QD3 Quick Deploy Portable RAWS
The FTS Quick Deploy portable weather station is the fire community’s most widely used weather station for prescribed burns and temporary monitoring applications. It offers the same scientific-grade accuracy and reliability as our full fixed RAWS in a portable form which can be setup in 15 minutes by one person, with no tools and no technical training. Its portability means that several can be placed at the fire line and rapidly relocated as needed. It offers the same sensors and telemetry options as the fixed RAWS, and all components are interchangeable. A QD portable RAWS can be configured with any other digital and analog sensors required.

For over 30 years, we’ve known what you need to be successful.

Every component meets or exceeds NFDRS/CFDRS standards.

  • Ensures your data has value.
  • Reduces liability.
  • Ensures no-cost access to nationally-funded service contracts.

Approved and certified by RSFWSU.

  • Supported with existing service contracts.
  • Allows access to service from NIFC.

Pre-configured for fire applications and compliant with ASCADS database.

  • No need for specialized, trained staff to program, configure, verify and validate...anyone can set it up.
  • Shipped pre-programmed with NIFC fire RAWS program (US) or any other specified programming (CDN).
  • Ready to go out of the box—just turn it on and it works.


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