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Quick Scan - Soil / Compost Analyzer

The Quick Scan Soil / Compost Analyzer utilizes four specially designed reaction chambers, for use with solids, such as, soil, compost or plastics in biodegradability studies.


The Quick Scan Soil / Compost Analyzer is designed for off-site soil and compost bioactivity testing.  The custom soil / compost reaction chambers allow for small samples to be studied under user defined conditions. This digital technology, combined with Challenge Technology’s 21 years experience in respirometry, have come together to form a low cost, accurate analyzer, that is simple and easy to use.  The Quick Scan Soil / Compost Analyzer also provides a turnkey, automated system for studies in the biodegradation of plastics, such as ASTM D5338.  This system measures oxygen uptake rates, or any gas production from biological activity.  All the data is stored, via the included laptop computer, with pre-loaded monitoring and graphing software.  Also included is the 4-position Challenge Technology Magnetic Stirrer, that uses rare-earth magnets for operating the circulation fan built into the soil / compost reaction chambers.


  • Automated Material Biodegradation Testing
  • Determine Microbial Acclimation
  • Aerobic or Anaerobic Respiration Testing
  • True Respirometric Testing for Short or Long-Term Testing
  • Plastics Biodegradation Tests, such as ASTM D5338
  • Soil Remediation Testing
  • Testing of Soil Biological Enhancement Additives

Detailed Information

Challenge Technology is the leader in the development of laboratory scale reaction chambers for respirometric testing of biological microcosms in solids media, such as soil or compost.  Challenge Technology has spent more than 10 years researching reaction chamber design, to make available the highest quality, easy to use chambers.  Creating a sealed environment for a lab scale respirometer for monitoring solids reactions, is much more challenging than with liquid samples.  Our research has made lab scale reaction chambers, which closely simulate field conditions, giving researchers the best tools available for respirometric evaluation of solids microcosms.  A respiring column of solids material is placed in a sealed chamber, with magnetic stirrer activated, internal air recirculation and an internal CO2 trap container.  The sealed chamber uses gas tight lure connections for attaching to the respirometer, and for  initialization.  Units are designed for both short term or long term uninterrupted testing.  The Challenge Technology Solids Reaction Chamber is modular, and easily disassembles for cleaning, and solids container may be sterilized, via autoclave.


  • Power Requirements: 110/240V; 50/60Hz
  • Number of Channels: 4
Challenge Technology
Challenge Technology
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