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AppliTek Ra-TOX - On-line Toxicity Analyzer

The Ra-TOX On-line Toxicity Analyzer has been designed to detect acute toxic effects of incoming waste water streams of waste water treatment plants. The technology as incorporated is based on the respiration rate (expressed as mg O2/l.h), one of the most important parameters for the biological activity of activated sludge. The Ra-TOX respiration module measures every minute the respiration rate of the sludge/water mixture in the analyzer batch vessel, comparing it with a calculated moving average of the respiration rate, the reference value. In case the difference is larger than a preset alarm level, an alarm output is activated.

The unique design of the Ra-TOX On-line Toxicity Analyzer overcomes the disadvantages of other analyzer concepts using two oxygen sensors. Instead, the respiration rate measurement used is a patented technology using a single DO-electrode. The respiration technology as applied is also available in the at-line analyzer Ra-COMBO for determining BODst or toxicity (see Options / Extra below).

Patented Respiration Technology

  • Continuous use of real sludge from WWTP for measurement - ongoing measurement EVEN during toxicity events
  • Measurement at same pH as WWTP
  • Measurement at same temperature as WWTP
  • Fast response (typically 5 min.)
  • Field proven technology

General Features

  • Human interface: 10.4' color touch screen with excellent viewing angle and graphics. Can remotely be taken over by LAN ethernet software (VNC).
  • Visualization of toxicity events and respiration activity in real-time
  • Standard auto-cleaning
  • First class and robust moving components such as low-speed peristaltic pumps and patented single O2 electrode Respiration Module
  • Incorporated industrial PC with result & alarm data export (1000 results including sample stream, date, time)
  • Multifunctional sealed USB port on left side of the housing (result download, program upload, reporting)
  • Communication: active 4 - 20 mA, Ethernet, RS232, TCP-IP
  • Weight: 65 kg (144 lbs.)

Options / Extra

Sludge and waste water should be sampled in fast loop; please check the detailed section on this.

This system is also available as a laboratory desktop at-line analyzer. Please check our laboratory product portfolio.


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