Retail Hanging Scales

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Retail Hanging Scales

Higher turnover through more selling space:  METTLER TOLEDO hanging scales are a perfect weighing solution to gain more room for presenting your fresh products when space is limited.

The METTLER TOLEDO hanging scale is designed to keep the electronics and printer out of the wet working environments. The perfect choice for seafood counters and fresh produce areas.


bC Line

Robust, reliable and durable: our broad range of bC Line scales for service counters, self-service areas and pre-packing. The bC Line scales impress with fast weighing, versatile configuration and the pleasant feel of a conventional keyboard.

Pure weighing comfort: all bC Line scales are equipped with a removable Light Touch keypad that is not subject to mechanical wear. Hygienic, feature-rich and easy to operate: weighing without compromise for butchers, specialty stores and supermarkets.


UC3 Line

Fast, easy and modern: generation touchscreen – for all of those who want to get more out of their Point-of-Sale. The UC3 Line combines highly developed weighing technology with open PC technology and interactive touchscreen operation.

UC3 Value Line:
The entry into touchscreen comfort with the UC3 Line.

UC3 Advanced Line:
The mid-range choice of the UC3 Line. Lots of power for applications such as advertising and promotion campaigns on the customer display.

UC3 Professional Line:
Pure power for large fresh assortments, multi-media sales promotion at the Point-of-Sale and sophisticated applications.

Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc
Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc
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