Model RP-30 - Mobile Measurement Device

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Model RP-30 - Mobile Measurement Device
The RP-30 is a mobile measurement device to measure the surface velocity profile of rivers in order to calculate teh discharge rate. Since the RP-30 works with contact free radar technology, it is perfectly suitable to measure the surface velocity in flood conditions. In combination with our modelling software you can accurately calculate the discharge. For continuous discharge measurement have a look at our RQ-30.

RP-30 radar profiler  

  • Portable mobile measurement system
  • For use on cable ways, bridge railings or tripods
  • For flood conditions and high flow velocities
  • No danger from flotsam and debris
  • Calculation of discharge with known water level and cross section profile
  • Easy user interface and handling
  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Measurement range from 0.30 to 15 m/s
    • Velocity Measurement
    • Discharge Calculation
SOMMER Messtechnik
SOMMER Messtechnik
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Koblach , Vorarlberg; 6842


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