- Water Level Meter and Temperature Sensor

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Schlumberger Mini-Diver  - Water Level Meter and Temperature Sensor

The Mini-Diver provides reliable automatic measurement and registration of groundwater level and temperature data. Measuring 22 mm in diameter and 90 mm in length, it is a suitable choice for virtually any monitoring well.

The Mini-Diver is available in four ranges for monitoring the following depths:

  • 0 - 33 ft (0 - 10 m)
  • 0 - 66 ft (0 - 20 m)
  • 0 - 164 ft (0 - 50 m)
  • 0 - 328 ft (0 - 100 m)

Based on proven, innovative technology, the Mini-Diver has an impressive internal memory capable of storing 24,000 measurements per parameter. This is essentially one measurement every ten minutes for six months. For each measurement, the Mini-Diver simultaneously registers groundwater level, groundwater temperature, date and time.

In addition to internal data storage, the Mini-Driver can be connected to an external data logger, such as the Stevens DataLogic 3000, or data telemetry systems with the Diver-DCX SDI-12 output adapter, allowing the Diver to be used for real-time data monitoring applications.

Manual data download in the fi eld from a Diver’s internal storage can be done by utilizing the optional USB Interface Cable and connecting the diver directly to a desktop or laptop PC.


  • Long-term and frequent measurements
  • Temperature corrected measurement
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Compact size
  • Hermetically sealed in stainless steel housing
  • Built-in data logger for storing up to 5 million measurements
  • Optional SDI-12 adapter for connection to data logger or radio/modem
  • Battery powered for long-term, unattended operation
  • Maintenance free
  • 3 year warranty

Application/Industries Served

  • Watershed, drainage basin and recharge areas
  • Stream gauging, lake levels and reservoirs
  • Harbour and tidal fl uctuation monitoring
  • Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring
  • Long term water level monitoring
  • All intensive monitoring of groundwater levels
  • Groundwater monitoring projects
  • Groundwater monitoring network automation
  • Discharge and fl ood
  • Aquifer storage and recovery
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