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SgurrEnergy - Galion Lidar Wind

SgurrEnergy has developed the Galion Lidar, the 2nd generation laser based wind profiler device for wind speed measurement and directional data capture. Lidar is a mature remote sensing technology that is now successfully being used for wind mapping applications. With its unique all-sky scanning capability and 4km range, Galion Lidar is a pioneering, cutting-edge wind speed measurement technology which is transforming the way we do business and making possible outcomes that were not previously imagined.

More than just a virtual met mast

Lidar wind measurement is a simple and accurate means of assessing wind speeds. Galion wind speed Lidar technology represents a significant advancement in the technical capabilities of capturing wind data and offers the following features and additional benefits compared to other current wind Lidar devices on the market:

Galion wind Lidar features

  • Pulsed laser device for wind speed and direction measurement
  • High resolution data capture
  • 4km range
  • Remote access to real data
  • All-sky scanning steerable beam
  • Environmental tested from -15°C to +35°C
  • Independently validated by Risø DTU
  • Offshore customisation available

Galion wind Lidar benefits

  • Highly portable
  • No planning permission required
  • Standard 1 year warranty
  • No cloud correction required
  • Multiple turbine location survey from a single deployment
  • Accurate Lidar wind measurements in complex terrain and forestry
  • Acquires direct measurements where previously only model approximations have been available
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