- 200 PPD (5 kg/hr) - Gas Chlorination System

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SUPERIOR Brand - 200 PPD (5 kg/hr) - Gas Chlorination System

The Superior Brand Gas Chlorination System has a capacity of 200 pounds per day (5 kilograms/hr) and is a high quality, safe, cost effective system: Dense Fluoro-plastic Yoke Coating. Fiberglass Reinforced ABS Construction. Fluoro-plastic Rate Valve 'Seat' Titanium Corrosion Resistant Nuts & Bolts. Heavy Duty Ejector Diffuser Outlet Threads. Universal Ejector Diffuser. PVDF Vacuum Tube Fittings. High/Low Back Pressure Check Valve. System is Simple to Maintain and Service. Fewer Parts Than Competitors Made From Superior Materials. Cost Effective Initial Cost and Low Maintenance Costs. 3-Year Complete System Limited Warranty with a Lifetime Warranty on 5 Major Parts

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc
Genesis Water Technologies, Inc
555 Winderley Place Suite 300
Maitland ,  Florida 32751

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