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Brüel & Kjær - Model Type 2270  - Sound Level Meter

An advanced, dual-channel, hand-held analyzer and sound level meter that has everything needed to perform high-precision, Class 1 measurement tasks in environmental, occupational and industrial application areas. Type 2270 is a highly versatile, modular platform with many optional application modules such as frequency analysis, FFT, advanced logging (profiling) and sound recording. Its two measurement channels allow it to perform sound intensity measurements according to IEC 61043, sound power measurements, and two-channel building acoustics measurements.


  • General-purpose Class 1 sound measurements to the latest international standards
  • Occupational noise assessment
  • Environmental noise assessment and logging
  • Product development and quality control
  • FFT analysis of sound and vibration 
  • Sound power determination and sound intensity
  • Two channel building acoustics measurements (facade)
  • Noise reduction


  • Dual-channel input (microphone, sound intensity probe, accelerometer or direct signal) 
  • 4.2 Hz-22.4 kHz broadband linear frequency range with supplied microphone Type 4189
  • 16.6 - 140 dB A-weighted dynamic range with supplied microphone Type 4189
  • Inputs: AC or CCLD, External Trigger
  • Outputs: Generator and Headphone
  • Communication via USB, LAN, or GPRS/3G modems 
  • USB 2.0 host for connection to printer, GPS, weather station, modem
  • Plug-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (> 8h operation)
  • Photo annotations with built-in camera


Forget about input ranging
24-bit recording captures the tiniest whisper and the loudest bang in the same recording without clipping, compression or range adjustment. This feature also makes recording suitable for re-analysis during post-processing to extract additional information and run more complex analysis.

Two-channel measurements
Two independent measurement channels support applications where simultaneous measurement of two signals is required, such as sound intensity. It also allows Type 2270 to measure two transducers simultaneously, which halves measurement time for applications requiring multi-point measurement.
Consequently, applications like façade insulation measurements that use traffic noise as the sound source can be performed with Type 2270 alone, and don't need two sound level meters.

Flexible application modules
The Type 2270 software concept allows you to configure the instrument to precisely match your requirements, using your preferred combination of application modules. Additional modules can be purchased as required – and simply installed with a new licence. In this way, your investment is securely protected as your measurement platform can expand along with your needs. All application modules are constantly maintained to ensure our sound level meters always comply with the very latest international standards.

Revolutionary PC software - Measurement Partner
Our advanced PC viewing software can cut hours off traditional post-processing workflows. Measurement Partner is designed to create the shortest path from measurement to report, by performing all of the necessary functions in one fast program.

Additional application modules are downloaded when they are needed, on an affordable, monthly subscription basis. Logging and spectrum modules are currently available, and many more are in development.


Touch-sensitive screen and key pad

The large colour screen presents a wealth of information clearly, and is highly customisable - making interaction easy and intuitive. Buttons give single-click access to the most important and frequent commands like start/pause, save, voice comment and event marking.

Select the night-time colour scheme and you can easily read the display without disturbing your night vision, while the keys are gently backlit.


Integrated camera

The camera enhances your measurement reports with photographs of the subject - maybe the room's layout in a building acoustics measurement, or electric motors undergoing vibration testing. As with all other annotations, the pictures are automatically attached to the project. The pictures are an integral part of the measurement in some applications, such as for sound mapping in the Sound Intensity application module.


Expandable memory
Two SD memory slots that support Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards allow you to always increase your storage space.

Clear feedback on measurement quality
Immediate, detailed feedback about measurement quality comes from features such as a 'smiley face' quality indicator and a 'traffic light' system - informing you of measurement status even from a distance.

Remote control over large distances
Both a USB interface and an Ethernet port allow Type 2270 to directly connect to a Local Area Network (LAN) - so you can control your sound level meter over large distances.

Speaks your language
The user-interface of all Type 2250 software packages is available in over 20 different languages.


Annotate on the go
Press the commentary button and record voice comments on a separate microphone with a dedicated channel either before, during or after a measurement. The comments file is then attached to the measurement project as documentation.

Smart transducer database
Many transducers can be connected to the instrument, and once one has been used it is remembered by the transducer database. Simply selecting it from the menu automatically attaches all the relevant data to the measurement, including the transducer's last calibration. Polarisation voltage is also set automatically.

Automatic windscreen correction
Type 2270 automatically detects when you mount and removing the windscreen, and applies the corresponding correction filter. The specific windscreen information is saved permanently with the measurement setup and data.



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