Type 3 - Curtain Silt Barrier

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Type 3 - Curtain Silt Barrier

This Tough Guy type 3 curtain silt barrier is designed to provide you with sediment control for rough and fast moving water conditions.

This curtain can be used in streams, lakes, tidal areas, and inter-coastal waterways when water velocity is above five feet per second.

In order to provide you with the added support you will need when trying to contain sediment in fast moving waters, 20% of the skirt fabric on this barrier is replaced with filter fabric made of polypropylene. This built-in fabric will still retain sediment, while pressure to the silt barrier will be reduced. 

The standard length for this silt curtain is 50 feet, although sizes up to 100 feet are available. Standard depths for these barriers are 3 feet, 5 feet, and 10 feet.

Similar to the Type 2 turbidity barrier, the top of this flotation device features a steel load cable that runs the length of the curtain. Additionally, it has a flotation log that is 8' x 8' x 4'.

This silt curtain is available in two versions, type 3.dot and type 3.m. If you need a curtain that will meet federal or state requirements, the type 3 DOT version will work best. If you don't need to meet DOT requirements, the type3.m version is the economy model. These barriers may meet certain state's specifications, but requirements should be checked.

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