- Model 3 - Advanced Oxidation Process for Disinfection and Treatment of Wastewater

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USO  - Model 3 - Advanced Oxidation Process for Disinfection and Treatment of Wastewater

The USO 3 represents a completely new trendsetting technology. It utilizes cavitation paired with the power of an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). The cavitation generated through the use of ultrasound causes extremely high local pressures and temperatures without increasing the liquid temperature above ambient level. These local effects result in the breakdown of solids and aid in the efficient use of ozone in the AOP. Mixing unit OptimiXer: Effective dissolving of gases in liquids results in creating an ideal setting for the AOP to take place. The OptimiXer is a newly developed system for dissolving gases in liquids significantly optimizing the efficiency and dissolving time. Ultrasound generators and Piezo-unit: Direct application of the ultrasound into the liquid using piezo-ceramic transducers. Digital control of the ultrasound with automatic frequency adjustment.

Overview of USO 3


Main Advantages of the USO3


Main advantages of the USO3

  1. It Can be operated in a system overlapping manner - meaning one technology offers multiple solutions that normally would require more than one technology solution. It reduces cost for water treatment at improved cleaning efficacy.
  2. Reduces COD loads and pre-treats refractory COD, accomplishing biodegradability.
  3. Effective in clear and turbid waters.
  4. Modular, compact and flexible design and easy implementation in existing processes.
  5. Very low maintenance and personnel demands.
  6. No contact vessels or basins are necessary - small foot print

In addition to solving current problems the technology also offers problem solutions for the future, e.g. EDC’s and PPCP’s degradation without the necessity to invest in additional equipment.

Potential application areas of the USO 3


Potential application areas of the USO 3

  • Wastewater and Water Disinfection
  • Improvement of wastewater plant performance and aeration along with disinfection/COD reduction
  • EDC + PCPP degradation
  • Tank disinfection
  • Rinse water disinfection
  • Ultra pure water

Application examples of the USO3 in a sewage plant

Operated as last treatment step the USO3 affects the process at several different places:

  1. Improving the overall degradation rate (nitrogen, phosphorus, COD etc.) of the sewage plant.
  2. Reducing the cost for aeration tremendously. Nowadays aeration cost represents 50% of the overall operating cost of a sewage plant.
  3. Enabling the exact control of the oxygen content in the aeration process. Therefore the sewage plant can react to varying influent loads.
  4. Disinfecting the discharge of a sewage plant before releasing it into the bodies of water (destruction of all pathogenic bacteria, fungus and viruses as well as DNA degradation) without any harmful effects to the environment.
  5. Odor elimination and inactivation of algae, discoloration and micro flocculation. 

Besides the application as USO3 (combination with ozone) the technology can also be used as a stand-alone gas saturation process - see the USO2 product line.

Main Characteristics of the USO 3

  • Fast and power-saving disinfection accomplished by the combination of high frequency/powered ultrasound and ozonization.
  • High efficiency
  • Highly adaptable-can be setup as single pass throughput or recirculation.
  • Easy to install - permanent or mobile utilization.
  • Degradation of endocrine disrupting compounds and pharmaceutical substances.
  • No residuals.
  • No chemicals.


The USO 3 technology utilizes an Advance Oxidation Process (AOP) to achieve the highest level of efficiency. It combines the well-known advantages of ozone with the power of ultrasound.

Either through upstream head or via pump, the liquid enters the unit.
The influent is pre-treated in the initial ultrasound section. The high frequency ultrasound disintegrates the bacteria clusters and cracks the cell walls.

The flow then continues to the first OptimiXer where the optimal dispersion of the ozone gas is accomplished.  The weakened bacteria are highly susceptible to oxidation at this phase. The second ultrasound section breaks the bacteria down further, increasing the reaction surface while at the same time expediting the oxidation process. The result is a highly efficient disinfection of the influent.

A standard computer/menu interface with the ability to monitor and control the unit remotely is included in every USO 3.

Upon customer request, optional sensors can be easily integrated to be part of the plant’s overall system.
Overview of innovative in-house developments:


Gas dissolving unit - OptimiXer

The OptimiXer is a newly developed system for dissolving gases in liquids significantly optimizing the efficiency and the dissolving time. It creates an ideal setting for the AOP to take place in the USO 3.


Ultrasound Generator with piezoceramic transducer

Digital control for ultrasound with automated frequency control. Direct feeding of ultrasound into the fluid, employing most advanced piezo ceramic technology.


IPC Control

State of the art automated menu-driven remotely controlled system.

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