- Septic Tanks for up to 6,000 Litres

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WPL - Septic Tanks for up to 6,000 Litres

The WPL Septic Tank range partially treats effluent and is the simplest and most economic solution for sewage disposal where mains drainage is not possible. It does require a subsurface irrigation/distribution system (soakaway system).

WPL Ltd Supply Spherical Septic Tanks (2,800 - 6,000 Litres)


A septic tank discharge requires permission from the Environment Agency (England and Wales), the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency or Local Authority Public Health Department (Ireland). Planning permission and Building Regulation approval may be required. Building regulations require the tank /system to be sited to avoid contamination of water supplies. We recommend that septic tanks should be sited at the maximum practical distance from the property. Where possible they should be sited a min of 15m from any dwelling and 25m is suggested in the regulations.

WPL Ltd supply spherical (2800ltr - 6000ltr) Septic tanks for all your domestic property needs, with a suitable cover and frame where required. The number of people using the facility, and the level at which it is to be installed governs the tank model selected. We supply 1.0m invert – 1.5m invert depth available to order.

Where To Buy The Septic Tank Range

Delivery is normally ex-stock through approved distributors and builders’ merchants nationwide. Please use our Merchant Locator to find a store near to you.

Dimensions and Technical Specifications


A septic tank simply stores and minimally treats sewage, leaving solids ready for collection by tanker, whereas a sewage treatment plants treats the effluent to a much higher standard allowing it to be discharged to groundwater or soakaways.

WPL, in accordance with Environment Agency consent standards, recommend the use of a sewage treatment plants as the primary solution where mains drainage is unavailable. This is due to recognition of the pollution issues caused by septic tank discharges.

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