Gerardo Zaccaro

Gerardo Zaccaro

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Italy  |  Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration

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I`m a young Italian Physicist with a strong vocation to Acoustic Engeneering; I have the qualification of Environmental Acoustic Technician and actually i`m searching for a job in Environmental or Building (Room) Acoustics. My academic formation in Applied Physics, during my studies at the University of Pisa, was pleasantly diverted to the Environmental Acoustics with specific curricular exames that have led me to increased my specialization in the field of acoustic and vibration phenomena. ...

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Employment History

Education History

Master's Degree

Master Doctor

January 2005 – January 2010

Master Degree in Applied Physics – Environmental Physics Curriculum   I attended the “Laurea Specialistica” (Master Degree) in Applied Physics. My thesis was on the topic of “Evaluation of the ...
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Post Bachelor's Degree


January 2008 – January 2009

Master in “Management and Evaluation of the Acoustic Pollution”I attended the Master in “Management and Evaluation of the Acoustic Pollution” (60 ECTS – 1 year) organized by the Superior Engineering ...
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Bachelor's Degree


January 2001 – January 2005

Bachelor’s Degree in Physics (Bachelor of Science) – Sciences and Physical Technologies Curriculum.Thesis in Physical Tecnologies on the topic `Power measurements and analysis in the code domain of ...
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