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Biogas Plant Services

by Phaidon Energy     based in Munich, GERMANY

Phaidon Energy offers all services needed for the planning, financing and the operation management of biogas plants ranging from 75 kW to 3 MW.

Wastewater Treatment Services

by Graus Chemicals, LLC     based in Glendale, ARIZONA (USA)

Chemical precipitation is the most widely used approach for the removal of metals from industrial effluents, whereby Calcium Polysulfide is among the most cost effective precipitants. The extend of effectiveness in treatment is a function of the pH of the system. Addition of Calcium Polysulfide within pH range 5-7 can lead to Cu precipitation ...

Soil Remediation Services

by Graus Chemicals, LLC     based in Glendale, ARIZONA (USA)

Heavy metal contamination of soil and groundwater may occur naturally or as a result of emissions from industrial areas, mine tailings, ammunition residues*, disposal of high metal wastes, leaded gasoline and paints, coal combustion residues, and other man made activities. Heavy metals constitute a loosely defined group of toxic persistent ...

Value Assessment

by IHS     based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA)

Investments in EHS&S solutions often require a business justification. For decades, IHS has helped companies define the specific business benefits that will result from a consolidated, enterprise-level EHS&S software solution. Our experts have developed a proven, flexible methodology for working with customers to uncover and analyze their ...

Consulting Services

by IHS     based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA)

The IHS Consulting and Advisory Services team will help you formulate the best strategies for achieving your company’s ESM business objectives. Our consultants draw upon their decades of global business acumen, functional knowledge and practical experience to provide decision-makers with investment strategies and advice on how to ...

Hosting Services

by IHS     based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA)

EHS&S information systems from IHS are available for delivery on-premise, hosted or subscription – so you can select the approach that fits your organization’s IT strategy. Our world-class hosting services provide the IT knowledge and ability to execute that you need to ensure fast, reliable access to vital EHS&S ...

Repairs and Recalibration Services

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

Users based in countries served by a Delta-T Devices distributor should contact them in the first instance. Other users should contact Delta-T Devices directly. Spare parts for our own instruments can be supplied and can normally be despatched within a few working days of receiving an order. Spare parts and accessories for products not ...

Emission Measurements Services

by Metlab Miljö AB     based in Enköping, SWEDEN

Emission measurements are most often carried out as emission limit value compliance assessments (test) but there are several other objectives for measuring emissions or to carry out measurements involving the same parameters.

Parallel Measurements Services

by Metlab Miljö AB     based in Enköping, SWEDEN

Parallel measurements are used for annual control of permanent installed emission measurement systems with respect on their performance criterias, e.g. AST in EN 14181 or the Swedish regulation for NOx emissions NFS 2004:6.

Other Measurements Services

by Metlab Miljö AB     based in Enköping, SWEDEN

Other frequent measurements that are either carried out as separate projects or as part of larger measurement programs are listed below: Fire room temperature. Fire room residence time determination. Ratio of biogenic and fossil carbon. Continuous mercury concentration measurement. Homogenity test of measurement plane. Particle size distribution, ...

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