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Technical Support For Trap & Treat Remediation Products

by Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI)

RPI and its Authorized Installers offer free technical support for all Trap & Treat in situ remediation products.

Grease Traps

by Advance Chemicals Ltd.

Microbial Products for Grease Traps & Interceptors. An Eco-friendly, Cost Effective and Easy-To-Use Alternative to Grease Maintenance. Grease Trap MaintenanceRestaurants, food processing plants and other applications using grease traps and interceptors now have an eco-friendly, cost effective and easy to use alternative to grease maintenance ...

Tabular Spore Trap

by MoldReport

 Analysis includes identification of fungi present, quantification to spores/m3, and an assessment of background debris

Grease Trap Cleaning

by Goslyn Ontario - Grease Recovery Devices

If you have ever asked how to clean a grease trap, you are in the right place. Grease traps must be cleaned every 4-6 weeks. An unmaintained grease trap does not stop any grease waste from entering the sanitary sewer or septic system. Grease blockages cam ruin a restaurant in minutes from back-ups. Sanitizing a restaurant from a grease backup will ...

Grease Trap Emptying Services

by CountyClean Environmental Services

Grease traps are a necessary inclusion in today’s commercial kitchen, and with strict regulations controlling how the waste they collect is handled, our grease trap emptying and cleaning service will help prevent blockages and pollution incidents.

Spore Trap Analysis

by EMLab P&K

Analysis includes identification to genus or group of all fungi present, quantification to spores/m3, and a general assessment of background debris.

Grease Trap Service

by GFL Environmental Inc.

The Green For Life Grease Trap Service helps you avoid any problems and possible fines with your municipality while reducing your carbon footprint. We deliver all the grease waste picked up at your facility to farms that are outfitted with Biogas Generators.

Grease Trap Services

by Liquid Environmental Solutions

When maintained properly, grease traps prevent your kitchen grease and food waste materials from entering the city sewer system. Grease is a leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows, since it clogs sanitary sewer lines and ultimately causes line blockages. The result is all too frequent discharges of untreated wastewater into streets, homes and ...

Grit Trap Services

by Liquid Environmental Solutions

If your business involves cars and trucks in any way, you are probably well aware of grit traps and oil water separators. Whether you’re operating car or truck washes, repair service bays or both, you’ve most likely got traps underneath your facility catching all the suspended solids, paint, engine grease, motor oil and more - in other ...

Lint Trap Services

by Liquid Environmental Solutions

Whether you are a Laundromat, dry cleaner, apartment complex, uniform company or institutional facility, the proper disposal of the lint trap waste at your business is best left to the experts. Your lint trap is a specialized holding tank that removes excessive amounts of lint and silt from your wastewater and prevents improper drainage. As the ...

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