Ambient Air Testing

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Ambient Air Testing

Our ambient air testing services measure criteria pollutants including carbon monoxide, ozone, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, PM10, PM 2.5, total suspended particulates, and lead.

There are many applications for ambient air testing:

  • Extractive FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) Monitoring
  • open path and point source
  • property line monitoring
  • aldehydes/ketones – low levels
  • air exchanges on building
  • cooling tower Appendix P sampling
  • dioxins/furans/ PCBs/persistent organics/endocrine disruptors
  • indoor air quality surveys
  • industrial hygiene surveys
  • tracer gases
  • meteorological parameters
  • speciated volatile organic compounds
  • semi-volatile organic compounds
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