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We provide the following environmental consulting services: -ISO 9001:2000 - OHSAS 18001:2007 - ISO 17025:2005 - EMAS -ISO 14001:2004 -HACCP/Codex Alimentarius - EUREPGAP (GLOBALGAP) B) Environmental Impact Assessment (preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Study, consulting and preparation of Requests for the all three phases: Screening, Scoping and EIA Study, C) EDD -Environmental and Health And Safety Due Diligence D) Strategic Environmental Assessment E) Municipal integrated local waste management plans, F) Project preparation (for clients) for application for domestic and foreign donations G) Local Environmental Plans and Agenda 21 – consulting in preparation and implementation H) Consulting services – environmental rights and policy, I) Education and trainings according to your needs (management systems and environmental related) J) Preparation for the certification/recertification and providing internal audits
Victoria Consulting
Dusana Vukasovica 33, lokal 15
Belgrade 11070

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