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Enhesa Publications

Enhesa issues regular publications as well as features such as the 2011 Global Forecast. Our regular publications are the Enhesa Flash, which is issued every two months, and the Enhesa Update which is published at the end of every month.

Enhesa Flash

The Enhesa Flash keeps you up-to-date with the latest EHS developments around the globe. It includes titles of all adopted regulations in the previous two months, as well as feature articles and related information. It is published every two months and distributed straight to your inbox in PDF format for free.

The Enhesa Update
The Enhesa Update is published at the end of every month, and contains around 50 pages of titles and descriptions of the latest EHS developments in more than fifty countries around the world. A subscription to the Update includes access to a database containing records of these developments stretching back to 1998.

The 2004 Global Forecast

As a truly international EHS regulatory and policy consultancy, we pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse of the global EHS scene.

At the end of 2003 we reviewed almost a thousand environmental, health and safety regulatory initiatives that had taken place in the previous year around the world. We then analysed this information to get an idea of emerging and continuing trends, and presented the results and our predictions in the In short, we came to the conclusion that industry should prepare itself for more stringent requirements concerning management of dangerous chemicals, global climate change and worker health and safety.

A detailed analysis of these regulatory initiatives against the existing regulatory framework and current industry practice revealed ten priority issues that we believe will have significant implications for international industry in the coming years. Multinational companies wishing to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in a way that fosters business growth are recommended to take proactive measures with regard to these issues.

Enhesa - Global EHS & Product Compliance Assurance
Enhesa - Global EHS & Product Compliance Assurance
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