EHS & Product Country Profiles

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EHS & Product Country Profiles

ENHESA’s Environmental, Health and Safety Country Profiles bring you clear and concise EHS and product regulatory information from the countries where you operate.

When opening a new facility in a foreign country or expanding into new markets, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) managers must inform themselves on the local laws and regulations that affect their interests. For instance, corporate EHS managers must know what authorities enforce EHS regulations and how to notify and register new products and chemicals. Therefore, ENHESA offers Environment, Health and Safety Country Profiles to give EHS managers vital information in a clear and concise manner.

The Environmental Health and Safety Country Profiles focus on the policy, regulatory and industry practices that impact your business activities in a particular country or group of countries.


Enhesa’s Country Profiles typically contain the following:

  • Key fact sheet on the country of interest
  • Overview of relevant administrations and regulatory drivers, including how EHS policy and laws are made, implemented and enforced, and which authorities are responsible for which programmes
  • Directory of relevant administrations and agencies, at national, regional and local levels (including, as appropriate, permitting authorities, enforcement authorities, and others both for environmental programmes and for occupational safety and health matters)
  • Full listings of applicable laws, regulations and, where appropriate, codes of practice, including full citations in original language and with English translations
  • Detailed summaries of key laws, regulations and codes of practice, grouped under appropriate headings for ease of use, or organised to complement the clients’ own EHS programme manuals

In general, the issues of interest will vary depending on the industry sector of concern and whether the client operation in a given country involves industrial manufacturing operations, warehouse and distribution facilities, R&D facilities, mobile installation activities, or administrative facilities.

Tailored to your needs

The EHS Country Profiles can be tailored to the individual needs of each client. To this end we can distinguish between:

  • a generic Country Profile, or
  • a Country Profile focused on a particular industry sector, or
  • a Country Profile focused on a specific company or facility.

Profile Reports can be prepared in English and in the local language to serve as guidance for local facility management. Specialised profiles can be prepared/tailored for specific purposes, such as site selection and acquisition due diligence.

Issues covered in EHS Country Profiles

The Country Profile can either cover operations or products or both, it can focus on environmental issues or occupational health and safety or a combination of any of the 12 module headings listed below.

  • Administrative and Legal Structure
  • General Environmental Requirements
  • Air Emission Management
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Chemicals Management
  • Hazardous Materials Management/ Transport
  • Safety Management
  • Facility/ Process Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness/ Response
  • Occupational Health

EHS Country Profiles for Industrial Activities

ENHESA’s EHS Country Profiles for industrial and manufacturing activities equip international EHS managers with the information they need to understand how their facilities are regulated and by whom. Armed with such information, they know not only the basics of how EHS laws and regulations are formulated, but also how they work in theory and in practice. This in turn allows them to pose the right questions when dealing with local facility management and helps to better appreciate the regulatory regime under which such managers work.

It also helps, in many instances, to facilitate dialogue between corporate and facility management, particularly by avoiding indiscriminate use of terms and acronyms specific to regulatory programmes in the home country but wholly unfamiliar to host country managers.

EHS Country Profiles for Products

ENHESA’s Environmental Country Profiles for Products and Product Markets focus on the information clients need to better understand what governs the introduction of products to a new market and how they are regulated and by whom. As with our profiles for manufacturing activities, our product environmental profiles explain the processes by which laws and regulations are made, implemented and enforced, and by whom, as well as summarise, in a concise but thorough manner, what the laws and regulations require for the particular products of concern.

In addition, our product environmental profiles often include 'benchmarking' information on initiatives and activities undertaken by the concerned industry overall as well as by key competitors.

Following similar formats as our profiles for manufacturing activities, ENHESA’s Environmental Country Profiles for Products can also be prepared in local language as required by clients, and always include alerts on pending and anticipated new requirements. Click here for an indicative overview of the issues covered in the Country Profile for products.

EHS Country Profiles for Administrative Offices

If your company is serious about keeping up with EHS requirements, identifying how your administrative offices are affected is an important aspect of compliance. ENHESA's Country Profiles for administrative offices help you identify what the applicable requirements are, who enforces them, and at what point do they become applicable to your activities. Most importantly, we can tailor a Country Profile to be specifically relevant to your administrative facilities, so if a regulation will only impact you if you employ a given number of employees or if your offices exceed certain criteria, we will take that into account and tell you exactly what you need to know.

EHS requirements in administrative offices are easy to overlook, particularly in an area which is not typically scrutinised by traditional EHS management. However, it may be just as relevant to the health and safety of employees and to the enforcing authorities, and as such warrants a sufficient level of attention.

In the language you want: English and local language

ENHESA has the resources to provide its EHS Country Profiles in the local language of the country concerned as well as in English, if this is required. As a result the Country Profiles can prove a useful information tool to both corporate staff as well as local facility management.

For virtually any country you need

Enhesa has developed international EHS Country Profiles for more than150 different countries and states/provinces/regions around the globe. Most are kept up to date continuously (e.g. Europe, Asia/Pacific, North America). Others, particularly in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, are updated upon request. By updating our Profiles on demand, we are able to ensure that all users have the most current information available. Thanks to its extensive international network of EHS consultants, Enhesa can provide Country Profiles for almost any country.

Value Added

The EHS Country Profiles developed by Enhesa stand out from similar products on the market as they can also provide practical information on a Country with our Country Fact Sheets, which provide an overview of a Country’s size, geographical location, major cities, currency, public holidays and major international airports, etc. These are often vital pieces of information when conducting business in a country other than your own.

In addition, our Country Profiles have the option of containing an up-to-date list of all applicable environmental, health and safety legislation applicable in a specific country and, where possible, with hyperlinks to the text of those laws and regulations – meaning you are no more than a mouse-click away from the information you need.

Integrated Services

ENHESA also offers the possibility of setting up a dedicated website adapted to the needs and specifications of each individual client and can be connected to a client’s intranet, making our products and services easily available on-line. The dedicated website would also allow clients to integrate the Country Profiles with other services provided by ENHESA to your company, for example: regulatory monitoring, audit protocols, compliance checklists, or regulatory training manuals.

As an option, ENHESA can organize internet sessions for interested persons within the company to train them in using the website and how to find back information quickly and easily.


Enhesa consultants have prepared hundreds of country profiles for more than 150 countries/regions/states around the world focused on either manufacturing- related issues or product-related issues for EHS managers concerned with keeping knowledgeable on current and emerging EHS regulatory matters in the countries where they operate and sell their products. Our profiles frequently serve as a companion document for EHS audit checklists, as briefings and primers for international EHS managers, or as background documents used during acquisition and divestiture due diligence investigations. Certain clients also commission special profiles relative to the laws and administrations regulating the products they sell in these markets. Profiles are typically tailored to the specific nature of the operations or products concerned, and have been developed and maintained up to date for such clients in such diverse fields as computers and information technology, telecommunications equipment, automobiles and automotive components, paper and office products, aerospace manufacturers, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, etc.

ENHESA has been selected by numerous Fortune 500 firms to develop and maintain up-to-date EHS Country Profiles over the past decade, including companies with noteworthy international compliance assurance programmes such as Baxter Healthcare, Avery Dennison, General Electric Company, Allegiance, Halliburton, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Levi Strauss, Noveon, Agere Systems, and Pfizer.


Clients with facility and product market responsibilities use Enhesa’s Country EHS Profiles to inform themselves on how EHS matters are regulated in particular countries with respect to their physical operations and/or the products they market in those countries. It allows corporate managers to take the right decisions with regard to the development of the operations or markets concerned. These profiles also serve as an excellent primer for local facility or marketing managers on the key EHS measures they should understand with respect to their activities.

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