EuP Directive & Ecodesign

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EuP Directive & Ecodesign

The new Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) for Energy using Products (EuP) and Energy related Products (ErP) strongly impact producers.

It mandates companies concerned to verify product compliance with the directive. In light of this, your company will face several important questions

  • Does the Ecodesign Directive affect any of my products?
  • Do I, or my suppliers, possess all relevant information about the life cycle of my products with regard to the directive?
  • Do I, or my suppliers, know all relevant product data with regard to the directive?

Our Service & Solution

Our proven competency in ecodesign, LCA, environmental strategy development, sustainability roadmap definition, and business, technology and system assessments uniquely position us to offer your company best practice solutions to meet the new directive requirements.

These practices include legally required minimum activities and developing compliance obligations into beneficial business perspectives and proactive leadership.

PE INTERNATIONAL offers you the following Ecodesign services:

  • Assistance in successfully preparing for and understanding the Ecodesign Directive.
  • Support for companies or associations concerned with the directive.
  • Training, studies and strategies for proactive companies considering environmental leadership; either before changing directive requirements or for those wishing to avoid future implementation measures altogether.

Software Tool - EuP Directive & Ecodesign


GaBi Software is the universal Life Cycle Assessment tool for sustainability data administration and evaluation on the organisation, facility, process or product life cycle levels.

Your Benefits

  • Converting mandatory requirements into business values and advantages such as: displaying environmental performance, finding weak points and priority fields of action, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Generating awareness on current legislation and follow-up compliance in the future.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal regulations.
  • Fostering understanding of Life Cycle Thinking, the basis of the Ecodesign Directive.
  • Improving internal and external environmental communication with reliable information.
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