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Avenida Europa 22, Bajo Parque, Emprresarial La Moraleja Madrid |28108 Spain

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Integral services to towns

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Integral services to towns
More than 70 municipalities in Spain benefit from our comprehensive services for communities For more than 30 years, at ACCIONA Agua we have provided comprehensive management of the complete water cycle, with the result of a high-quality, daily water supply and systems that treat the environment with respect. The complete water cycle starts with the collection of untreated water, followed by treatment at a wastewater treatment plant that results in clean water, maintenance and control of the water tanks, management of distribution networks, and the subsequent distribution to the population. In addition, the water is constantly analysed for quality conditions at our laboratories and thus guaranteeing higher quality to the end user. Another service is the systematic evaluation of the supply and drainage networks. This ensures that in the municipalities where ACCIONA Agua manages the water supply, high yields are obtained with the use of the latest technologies available on the

ACCIONA Agua benefits from the experience of its facilities in small populations as well as in large cities such as Barcelona, Santander, Leon, Huelva, Malaga and Almeria in Spain, Aveiro and Mutela in Portugal and Tangiers in Morocco.

The result is the construction of more than 300 wastewater purification plants, with a total capacity of more than 10.5 million m3/day, equivalent to a population of more than 46 million.

Acciona Agua
Acciona Agua
Avenida Europa 22, Bajo Parque, Emprresarial La Moraleja
Madrid 28108


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