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Air Pollution Control Systems

by     based in Orange, CALIFORNIA (USA)

New and refurbished equipment,Complete turnkey system installations,Filter change-out service,Dust collection system analysis / troubleshooting,Dust collector tube sheet replacements,Dust collector pulse-jet conversions,Electro Static Precipitator upgrade,Alternative control device evaluation,System evaluation report with recommendations,System ...

Computing Service for Noise Calculations and Air Pollution Studies

by SoundPLAN International LLC     Distributor in Fullerton, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Calculation service for noise and air pollution studies. If noise simulations are not the mainstay of your company but a project requires them as accompanying evidence, we can team up with you. Send us the raw data, the geometry and source information and we will create the simulations and return the results in tabular and graphical formats. You ...

Turnkey Air Pollution Control Installation Services

by Alliance Corporation     based in La Habra, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Many manufacturers in the Air Pollution Control industry offer their equipment at an attractive initial price then make their profit on the installation as frequently customers are reluctant to undertake the installation due to the complexity of the equipment. At Alliance Corporation we pride ourselves on manufacturing pre-assembled equipment that ...

Industrial Degassing & Air Pollution Control Services

by Remediation Service, Int`l (RSI)     based in Ventura, CALIFORNIA (USA)

With RSI’s manufacturing experience of air and groundwater pollution control devices combined with FSI’s valued experience as an industrial degassing service provider for tanks, barges, vacuum trucks, process equipment, contaminated soil and groundwater within the Petro-Chemical industry worldwide.The partnership provides FSI skilled technicians ...

Air Pollution Abatement System Design Service

by Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc.     based in Signal Hill, CALIFORNIA (USA)

We are not limited to one technology! The objective of our design team is to create an emission control system that will best meet the individual needs of each facility. Acting as an engineering partner with our clients we focus on each process’ unique design to attain a superior solution that meets regulatory requirements and minimizes ...

Air Quality & Meteorological Monitoring Service

by RTP Environmental Associates, Inc.     Office in CALIFORNIA (USA)

RTP maintains strong capabilities in ambient and indoor air quality monitoring. We have extensive experience in performing monitoring studies for criteria pollutants as well as hazardous air pollutants and air toxics. Projects range from walk through surveys to continuous monitoring systems for ambient, stack or workplace environments. Project ...

Emission Inventory & Process Analysis

by RTP Environmental Associates, Inc.     Office in CALIFORNIA (USA)

Emission inventories and process analyses are applicable to a number of air regulations from permitting applications to compliance audits, worker health and safety issues, the demonstration of compliance with ambient air quality standards and permit requirements as well as other specialized requirements. RTP’s vast experience with pollution ...

Control Technology Determination/Evaluations

by RTP Environmental Associates, Inc.     Office in CALIFORNIA (USA)

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations require higher performance and greater reliability for new air pollution control (APC) systems. Existing APC systems become subject to new requirements for monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting as new deadlines and thresholds are developed by agencies. Failure to comply can mean significant ...

Annual Emission Reporting (AER) Services

by Alta Environmental     based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (AQMD’s) Annual Emission Reporting (AER) program was developed to track emissions of air contaminants from permitted facilities. Under this program, those who emit more, pay more toward air pollution control efforts – and at the same time are given an incentive

Air Dispersing Modeling Services

by BlueScape Environmental     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Air dispersion models are tools to assess impacts from air pollution sources. Why are these tools important? Air permit applicants must show that potential air quality impacts will not exceed specific health thresholds. If used before pollution sources are actually built, air dispersion models can be more advantageous than air monitoring.

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