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Dry Anaerobic Digestion Process

by Organic Recycling Systems Private Limited (ORS)     based in Navi Mumbai, INDIA

Dry anaerobic digestion has been developed after a thorough R&D considering the characterisation of organic solid waste in India and has found to be the most suited technology for Indian conditions. The flexibility of the dry anaerobic digestion technology allows the treatment of a wide range of different input materials. The digested residue ...

Product and Process Development Services

by Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)     based in Redcar, UNITED KINGDOM

CPI helps organisations of all sizes to develop anaerobic digestion (AD) processes and technologies quickly, sustainably and cost effectively. Clients can work with CPI’s specialist team in our open access facilities to test, develop and improve novel AD concepts.

Manufacturability and Process Assessment Services

by Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)     based in Redcar, UNITED KINGDOM

CPI’s team of scientists, engineers and commercial experts can de-risk the process of taking commercial ventures to market by adopting a step-wise approach – from laboratory research to pilot scale testing. CPI can assess how laboratory based process will perform at larger scales, and provide a review of the likely scale up ...

Process Modelling and Consultancy Services

by Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)     based in Redcar, UNITED KINGDOM

CPI offers desk based AD consultancy projects that can complement the lab and pilot scale facilities. Often, this is a pre-cursor to further practical studies.Using state of the art tools and techniques, our experienced engineers and scientists can provide quantitative assessments of technology and process concepts. CPI can also identify scale-up ...

Prototyping, Demonstration & Scale Up Services

by Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)     based in Redcar, UNITED KINGDOM

CPI’s AD Development Centre combines unique testing and scale-up facilities with practical experience and applied knowledge of science, engineering and economics. The centre consists of flexible lab to pilot scale facilities allowing clients to use their own equipment in CPI’s facilities to evaluate and develop AD processes for ...

Pilot Scale Testing Services

by Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)     based in Redcar, UNITED KINGDOM

CPI’s pilot scale facilities can be used as a proof of concept facility for anaerobic digestion processes.With digester working volumes of between 1.5 m3 and 5 m3, clients can gain valuable information on how a new AD plant should be configured and the operational costs involved. Novel AD technology can be incorporated into the ...

Anaerobic Digestion

by Global Renewables UK Limited     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Anaerobic digestion is a very effective way to treat high chemical oxygen demand organic streams, such as that generated from MSW during the ISKA® Percolation process.ISKA Percolation includes an anaerobic, packed bed digester for conversion of the liquefied and soluble volatile solids in the circulating water into biogas. The hybrid upflow ...


by Hydroitalia - Colsen Srl     based in Medicina, ITALY

Hydroitalia – Colsen proposes anaerobic digestion plants to produce renewable energy from the treatment of organic solid wastes and by-products. Our biogas plants endowed with new technology devices developed to improve the efficiency of the digestion process.Many environmental and operative advantages can be achieved applying anaerobic digestion ...

Anaerobic Digester

by Merichem Company     based in Schaumburg, ILLINOIS (USA)

Merichem’s LO CAT technology process is highly effective in removing H2S from anaerobic digesters biogas from anerobic digesters. The first application of LO CAT technology in biogas application was started up at an industrial waste water treatment facility in the food processing industry in 1990. The success of this first LO CAT project in ...

Anaerobic Digesters

by INETEC (Food Waste to Renewable Energy)     based in Pyle Mid-Glamorgan, UNITED KINGDOM

Anaerobic digestion is a recognised and proven process that is increasingly seen as a viable solution for generating renewable electricity from organic waste. The process is particularly applicable to materials with a high moisture content including food components. The technology involves the microbiological breakdown of organic matter without ...

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