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by WaterLead

Cooling towers are often the backbone of industrial strategies. The models we offer can be open, closed or of hybrid type for better management of water resources, according to seasonal temperature. They are also available as an adiabatic solution. Rental of our systems is quite enviseageable. Maintenance contracts are routinely offered as part of ...

Cooling Towers Maintenance Services

by SPIG S.p.A

SPIG has earned a strong worldwide reputation as a reliable and top quality service provider, guaranteeing and enhancing the thermal performance of the plant according to customers’ requirements. A team of specialist engineers and technicians are fully dedicated to test and inspect existing Cooling Towers weather engineered by SPIG or any ...

Cooling Tower Services

by Composite Cooling Solutions, L.P

In addition to being the premier provider of field-erected cooling towers, CCS provides an array of cooling tower services designed to evaluate performance and get results.

Cooling Tower Inspection

by Ecodyne Limited / EcoWater Systems Europe

The equipment and materials in a cooling tower are subjected to a harsh environment and usually less than ideal inspection conditions. However, regular inspection is a critical component to any preventative maintenance program that cannot be ignored. The frequency at which the inspections should be performed is of course dependent on the users ...

Components for Cooling Towers

by GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH

Evaporative cooling towers are still considered the most efficient way of cooling process water at industrial sites all over the world. With economic and ecological factors always an important consideration, construction and operation of wet cooling towers necessitates the use of efficient fills and drift eliminators. As the pioneer of plastic ...

Cooling Tower Information Service

by Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.

It is Paharpur's feeling that the more informed customers are, the more easily their needs can be recognised and served. Regular mailing of technical bulletins works to our mutual advantage.

SR-CT - Cleaning & Disinfection Descaling Cooling Tower System

by S.G. Holdings Enterprise S.L.

In cooling tower circuits, there is a high concentration of different types of salts (calcium carbonate and magnesium), produced by the evaporation of water, which causes considerable economic costs for maintenance of the tower, and overspending water treatment chemicals and electricity. All these factors, taken together, reduce the thermal ...

Cooling Tower Microbiological Water Lab Analyses

by Environmental Leverage Inc.

Cooling towers can be a critical process in many industrial production facilities. An industrial cooling tower can be the perfect media for biological growth if not properly treated. Typical pH is 7-9 and temperatures may have a wide range. In a cooling tower, the water trickles down a large surface area in order to air-cool the water.  The ...

Evaporative Cooling Services

by System Uvex Ltd.

Evaporative Cooling occurs when water changes its state from liquid to vapour and requires an input of heat energy, which is known as the latent heat of evaporation. Industrial heat rejection requirements employ Cooling Towers or Evaporative Condensers as the most efficient and cost effective method by maximising the contact between air and the ...

Hudson - Hudson Cooling Solutions Services

by Hudson Products Corporation

Hudson Products Corporation's contract maintenance inspection service puts Hudson's years of experience with air-cooled heat exchangers and cooling towers to work for you — before trouble starts, not after. Designed to eliminate or reduce downtime and costly repairs resulting from equipment failure, the service can also help you maintain the ...

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