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Drilling Fluid Solutions

by M-I Swaco     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Customized, engineered solutions for optimal drilling efficiency, lower operating costs, and minimal HSE impact—for a variety of drilling challenges. M-I SWACO tailored drilling fluid solutions help operators address the industry’s most demanding applications. From HPHT environments in deep water to unconventional onshore drilling in ...

Drill fluid to improve water wet-ability of rock surface

by OTI Greentech AG     based in Zug, SWITZERLAND

OTI oil cleaning and recovery products offer the same or better performance than existing chemical treatments but with a much reduced environmental impact. Independent assessment shows OTI products outperforming existing chemical treatments, for example in the recovery of heavy oil from oil sand and the removal of hydrocarbons ...

Drilling Waste Services

by Exova North America     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (AEPEA) Waste Control Regulation (129/93) sets limits on certain physical characteristics and properties for the classification of waste. This classification has important implications for the disposal of various waste streams, since any materials deemed hazardous must be handled with ...

Air Rotary / Casing Advance Drilling

by WDC Exploration & Wells     based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The ability to efficiently remove cuttings from the borehole is paramount in successfully drilling and constructing of wells utilizing air as a drilling fluid.  Our air rotary/casing advance drill rigs are equipped with on-board air compressors rated at 1,050 cfm @ 350 psi.  In line filters, remove contaminants from the air ...

Mud Rotary

by WDC Exploration & Wells     based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

One of the most important aspects of mud rotary drilling is the ability to clean and re-circulate the drilling fluid.  Our above ground, self contained, fluid cleaning/recirculating systems are designed to remove the suspended solids from the drilling fluid to a level of .25%.  Low solids drilling fluids reduce the waste stream ...

Centrifuge Services

by Industrial Ecosystems     based in Bloomfield, NEW MEXICO (USA)

IEI's mobile centrifuge is a turn key system which allows quick reclamation of open reserve pits. The system is designed to recycle water from drilling fluids and cuttings. The centrifuge removes and de-waters solids providing clean water to use at the next drilling location. Centrifuge services reduce drilling operation costs associated with ...

HDD/Pipeline Solid Drilling Waste Management Services

by Elgin Separation Solutions     based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA)

The HDD & trenchless industry has realized the benefits and economics of recycling drilling fluid and slurry. With increased transportation costs and more stringent environmental enforcements and overall cost containment, the need for recycling is evident in all countries and across the range of trenchless applications. From maxi and mini HDD ...

Oil & Gas Solid Drilling Waste Management Services

by Elgin Separation Solutions     based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA)

KEMTRON Technologies complete line of liquid / solid separation and dewatering equipment is fully compliant with all requirements for the oil & gas industry. Utilizing our closed loop technology project sites will be able to reclaim clean water and recovered drilling fluid that is cost effective and environmentally safe. Mouse over the diagram ...

Fluid Storage, Disposal and Reuse

by Encana Corporation     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

We take a responsible approach to the sourcing, use, transport and disposal of water. Various fluids are used throughout our operations, including drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Proper storage, handling and disposal of these fluids are important in preventing contamination of shallow groundwater. Effectively managing fluid storage and disposal ...

FlexTreat Treatment of Problematic Fluids

by CETCO Oilfield Services Company     based in Covington, LOUISIANA (USA)

CETCO Oilfield Services wastewater treatment experience has culminated in the design and implementation of a multi-stage treatment package. FlexTreat is a system which combines conventional water treatment technologies and proprietary media to effectively process wastewater of wide ranging and uncertain composition. Wastewater from a variety of ...

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