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E-waste Technologies

by Shaptratna Industries Limited

Shaptratna Industries Limited has the best technology to recycle E-Waste. The company is designing and supplying machinery and process systems for electrical and electronic scrap and plastic recycling processes on an industrial scale. Shaptratna Industries Limited act as Industry partners to Ecomation Oy of Finland in the UK, offering a range of ...

E-Waste Recycling Services

by Evciler

Technological waste is currently one of the most important problems in this era of information and technology. The volume of electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) rises day by day due to a rapidly developing industry and technology, in tandem with the ever increasing need of a growing population.

e-Waste Management Services

by Respose Waste Management & Research Pvt. Ltd,

The rising pile of electronic junk. Any electrical or electronic equipment that no more satisfies the purpose for which it is designed is categorised as e-waste. Based on various research papers, the total e-waste production in India was about 400,000 Tons in 2009 and is likely to reach 800,000 tons in 2012. Only about 19,000 tons was recycled ...


by VIG Sp. z o.o.

Business activity of collection and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment was reported to the Main Inspectorate for Environment Protection in Warsaw and registered under the number of E0003077ZX.

E-Waste Recycling

by Exitcom Recycling GmbH

Exitcom has capabilities to process and recycle a wide range of electric and electronic waste. Electric and electronic waste are divided into different categories depending on their types.

Electronics Recycling

by Veolia North America, Industrial Business

Veolia Environmental Services offers solutions for both large and small quantities of lighting and electronic waste. Our recycling programs are designed to assure compliance with federal and state regulations, safely and cost effectively. With our turnkey services, we handle every step of the recycling process, from packaging, transporting and ...

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling

by Akademi Cevre

Our firm collects and stores all sort of obsolescent and scrapped semi-conductor electronic components for recycling purpose. Akademi Çevre collects new or renewed active components, old active and passive  components, BGA components, PGA components, SMT components, DIP components, Xilinx, Virtex II, Virtex III, Altera, PMC processors ...

E-Cycle Campaigns

by Mondial Recycling

Electronics that are obsolete, broken, and destined for recycling are called electronic waste or 'e-waste'. E-waste represents 1% of our garbage but contributes 70% of the toxins found in landfills, including toxic materials such as lead, mercury, barium oxide and cadmium. There are many chemical and mineral elements in e-waste, both valuable and ...

Acceptable Wastes Service

by Stablex Canada inc.

Stablex's analytical resources and unique variety of chemical treatment and stabilization processes make possible the cost-effective, environmentally secure disposal of contaminated soils and a variety of hazardous waste streams.We also accept computer, telecommunication and other high-tech manufacturing wastes, often known as 'e-waste'. These ...

Electronics and Other Waste

by EMP recycling

Collection and recycling of electronic waste is one of the main business activities of EMP recycling. Our company has all the equipment necessary for proper recycling of electronic and other waste. Refrigerators, TV sets, other electric devices and other wastes coming to the factory are, first of all, being sorted, and then disassembled; dangerous ...

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