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Environmental Impacts

by Norton Engineering LLC     based in Dayton, OHIO (USA)

What is meant when we refer to 'Environmental Impacts?' Changes in the environment caused by mankind, only by mankind, are known as environmental impacts. While we note that volcanoes and naturally-caused forest fires bring about large changes in the natural environment, these are largely dismissed by definition; they are, after all, 'natural.' ...

Environmental Impact

by Titan Engineering, Inc A Division of APEX Companies LLC     based in Frisco, TEXAS (USA)

With numerous marine and terrestrial species in consideration, Apex understands that the implications of coastal environmental impact are much broader than that of inland areas.  On behalf of our client, we conducted a stepwise review, drafted and submitted a report, and successfully coordinated with multiple federal and state agencies to ...

Environmental Impact

by Cardinal Environment Ltd     based in Watford, UNITED KINGDOM

Directing and working with subject specialists and organisations e.g. the Water Research Centre, we are helping companies to identify, manage and reduce their emissions to air, water and land, so that local, national and international quality limits and objectives may be met at all times. This can entail detailed scenario and source term ...

Environmental Impacts

by FirstCarbon Solutions     based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Mitigate environmental consequences early on Reducing your environmental costs and impacts, lowering energy and resource use, ensuring compliance, and operating more sustainably and efficiently provides a path to an improved bottom line. Whether your organization is reviewing environmental and sustainability practices throughout your operations or ...

Fluor - Actions To Minimize Environmental Impact

by Fluor Corporation     based in Irving, TEXAS (USA)

Fluor works closely with clients, partners, and suppliers to understand how to minimize environmental impacts, including working to improve the energy efficiency of its own offices. Drawing on results from the calculation of its emissions profile, Fluor has begun to enact strategies to manage its global carbon footprint.

Environmental Impact Studies

by AGECO Environmental consulting     based in Brussels, BELGIUM

AGECO and their experts have more than a decade of experience of impact / environmental effect studies for projects in the property sector (owner, manager, developer) and also in the industrial environment (oil, food, cosmetics, major retailers, water distribution, landfills, waste processing industries, etc.).

Environmental Impact Assessment Services

by SENES Consultants India     based in ahmedabad, INDIA

Strategic Environmental Assessment for Developmental Planning. Site Collection Studies for Industrial /urban sectors. Collection & interpretation of baseline data, assessment  and evaluation of environmental impacts, modeling & reporting of impacts. Development of Environment Management Plan, supervisory support and presentation to ...

Environmental Impact Assessment Services

by Calvin Consulting Group Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Senior Calvin Consulting personnel have managed multi-disciplinary Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for the oil and gas industry in Canada, the United States and abroad.  Calvin Consulting specializes in the provision of liaison services between the local EIA Team and the Canadian or American Design Team.  Our qualified and ...

Environmental Impacts and Assessments Services

by Research Planning, Inc.     based in Columbia, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

RPI’s broad natural resources expertise combined with a focus on quantitative analyses by highly experienced staff allow us to bring a unique and rigorous approach to environmental impact and assessment projects: Applied Environmental Toxicology. Contaminant Fate and Persistence Modeling. Non-Point Source Impairment Analysis and Remediation. ...

Environmental Impact Assessment

by RWDI AIR Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Both the public and regulators place growing emphasis on the impacts of large industrial, energy and transportation projects. As a result, government regulations, guidelines, and impact assessment tools are continually evolving to address these concerns. Project proponents need to be well versed with these evolving requirements. RWDI AIR Inc. is ...

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