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Environmental Management Consulting

by ARCADIS     Office in Santiago, CHILE

Because being prepared is crucial to the success of your business, ARCADIS Management Consulting Services focus on understanding developments that have the potential to create operational, regulatory and/or third-party liabilities, including the granting of a unique performance-based guaranteed registration to companies seeking certainty in ...

Facility Environmental Management

by ARCADIS     Office in Santiago, CHILE

The long-term success of every business is directly linked to the environment, the surrounding community, and the health and safety of the people in its facilities.

Environmental Management and Monitoring Services

by Hatfield Consultants Ltd.     Office in CHILE

At Hatfield Consultants, environmental management and monitoring have been cornerstone services since we opened in 1974.For both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, we provide environmental monitoring services to dozens of clients in the oil and gas, mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, among others. Experienced throughout Canada and around ...

ISO 14000 EMS

by Colsen International b.v.     Office in PROVIDENCIA, CHILE

ISO 14001 was first published in 1996 and specifies the actual requirements for an environmental management system (EMS). It applies to those environmental aspects which the organization has control over and which it can be expected to have an influence on.

Soil Decontamination Services

by Colsen International b.v.     Office in PROVIDENCIA, CHILE

Soil- or groundwater contamination’s above specified limits are necessary to be decontaminated. A decontamination can be realized through a variety of options, such as: Discharging of the soil from the original location; ‘Pump and treat’; Air extraction; Nutrient injection; IBC criteria (Isolate-Manage-Control); Monitoring ...

Water Management

by Knight Piésold     Office in Vitacura, CHILE

Effective and efficient water management is a key aspect of all mining operations and is often the single most important consideration for developing an environmentally safe and sustainable mining project. Knight Piésold has designed water management systems for mining projects throughout the world. Our numerous site specific integrated ...

Water Management

by ARCADIS     Office in Santiago, CHILE

Agencies responsible for interstate and intrastate water resources face formidable water management challenges, including protecting against flood risks, safeguarding a healthy water supply, and developing and maintaining water conveyance and transport systems. Water managers must also collaborate outside their jurisdictions to maintain water ...

Industrial Water & Wastewater Management

by ARCADIS     Office in Santiago, CHILE

To provide industry with effective water and wastewater management solutions, ARCADIS addresses both environmental compliance requirements and business goals to achieve operations and quality improvement, as well as return on invested capital.

Environmental Information Systems Services

by Hatfield Consultants Ltd.     Office in CHILE

The expansion of the Internet and information technology has allowed Hatfield Consultants to improve its environmental services with cutting-edge information systems.Maintaining a dedicated team of specialists, we have designed and developed online systems to help our clients around the world organize and manage their data. Whether you need a web ...

Waste Management Services

by AMPHOS 21 CONSULTING S.L.     Office in Las Condes, CHILE

We provide consultancy services to address a range of environmental, geological, chemical and social issues associated with the management and disposal of municipal, industrial and radioactive wastes. We provide consultancy services on site characterisation and investigation, we undertake predictions of future waste behaviour through the ...

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