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Bag Filter Services

by B3 Systems, Inc.     based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

B3 Systems takes the worries out of your bag filter system. We have the experience, systems, tools capabilities to integrate new capabilities and functions into your existing system or completely upgrade the entire system.

Performance analysis

by Air Advantage, Inc.     based in Panama City Beach, FLORIDA (USA)

Fabric studies and recommendations. Reverse air system troubleshooting. Pulsing system troubleshooting. Bag abrasion correction.

Flat-bag Testing Laboratory

by LUEHR FILTER GmbH & Co. KG     based in Stadthagen, GERMANY

The availability of a plant mainly depends on the satisfying condition of the installed flat-bags with regard to; the gas flow rate to ensure the complete gas and particle collection at the extraction point and the residual particle content in the clean gas for the observance of the requested emission limit values in continuous operation.

Filter Plant Maintenance & Services

by Technical Fabrics UK Ltd     based in Denbigh, UNITED KINGDOM

Technical Fabrics Service Engineers offer the complete “ Total Care “ package to clients performing a full site survey and providing a cost effective maintenance programme, with detailed reports relating to the performance and current condition of the filtration plant. Included in the site inspection is a full inventory of filter bags and other ...

Retrofit Mechanical Filter

by Intensiv-Filter Himenviro GmbH     based in Velbert-Langenberg, GERMANY

Anew not always is called  better. Thus it can absolutely be an advantage to modernise available filtering installations or components only or to bring to a newer and more efficient state of technology. From renewals of filter heads up to complete technical revision - Intensiv-Filter supports you not only with ...

Pyrolysis, Incineration and Gasification

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.     based in Porto, PORTUGAL

For PM emission control in very high temperature exhaust streams (> 600 ºC), such as gasification, pyrolysis and incineration, traditional bag filters following temperature exchangers, ceramic filters, or scrubbers are used as end stage dedusters.

Fuel Oil Combustion

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.     based in Porto, PORTUGAL

For PM emission control in high temperature exhaust streams, such as fuel oil boilers, usual dedusters such as Bag filters, are very maintenance demanding. Indeed, diesel and fuel oil fly ash can be quite sticky and clog to filter elements, unless protection reagents are used. Flue gas cooling is also needed in front of the filter when ...

Powder Recovery of Fertilizers

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.     based in Porto, PORTUGAL

The recovery of fertilizers typically after drying tunnels or drum dryers is associated with a high load of particulates and very humid gas streams. To recover these products, cyclone collectors are very convenient equipments for allowing a direct powder capture and avoiding filter clogging due to condensation. Arrangements with cyclones ...

Steel and Ferroalloys

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.     based in Porto, PORTUGAL

Steel and ferroalloys production occurs in industrial manufacturing processes which involve high temperature exhaust streams, often at more than 900 ºC. Typically, the gas flows from the furnace (usually electric arch type) into a gas conditioning tower to reduce temperature under 200 ºC, upstream of a final dedusting system, such ...

Food Ingredients

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.     based in Porto, PORTUGAL

Efficient recovery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), chemical substances and food powders after drying applications such as spray and fluid bed drying is frequently a problem.

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