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Biomass Gasification

by Western Research Institute (WRI)     based in Laramie, WYOMING (USA)

Spinning straw into gold is close to reality for some farmers pursuing alternative energy to support their operations. Converting biomass to energy is an obvious solution for farmers who have resources such as crop salvage readily available to fuel their power needs. In the Pacific Northwest, grass seed farmers are annually left with more than one ...


by Coskata, Inc.     based in Warrenville, ILLINOIS (USA)

Historically, there were two widely-recognized conversion methods for the production of cellulosic ethanol: biochemical and thermochemical. Our proprietary technology platform utilizes a third, hybrid biothermal process which combines key elements of the biochemical and thermochemical methods and allows us to leverage the benefits of each method ...

Plasma Gasification Melting (PGM) Solution

by Environmental Energy Resources Ltd. (EER)     based in Rosh Ha’ayin, ISRAEL

At EER, the development and enhancement of PGM technology is carried out by a team of world-class scientists and engineers who contribute to the development of state of the art, cutting edge waste treatment solutions. They work closely with the Department of Material Science & Engineering of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. The ...

Pyrolysis, Incineration and Gasification

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.     based in Porto, PORTUGAL

For PM emission control in very high temperature exhaust streams (> 600 ºC), such as gasification, pyrolysis and incineration, traditional bag filters following temperature exchangers, ceramic filters, or scrubbers are used as end stage dedusters.


by Lee Enterprises Consulting, Inc.     based in Sherwood, ARKANSAS (USA)

Gasification is a process that converts organic or fossil based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Pyrolysis and gasification are related processes differing mostly in temperature and process reactants with gasification conducted at significantly higher temperatures than pyrolysis (1000⁰C to ...

Thermochemical Production of Liquid Fuels

by Western Research Institute (WRI)     based in Laramie, WYOMING (USA)

WRI's thermochemical processes for converting feedstock to liquid fuel are related to Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) synthesis and offer significant gains in efficiency over other conversion methods. WRI’s proprietary process converts carbonaceous feedstock to synthesis gas, which is then converted to ethanol and other higher alcohols using a ...

Green Gas Solutions

by Royal Imtech N.V     based in Den HaagAshford, NETHERLANDS

Imtech develops customer-specific systems for green gas. Imtech Green Gas Technology develops and produces customer-specific systems for converting biogas into natural gas quality fuel.

Technology Solutions

by Global 8 Environmental Technologies Inc. (G8ET)     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Drawing upon our proprietary technologies, vendor relationships and custom design capabilities, we can provide systems to process municipal, agricultural and industrial solid wastes into energy and other valuable commodities. Our state-of-the-art technologies include: Modular anaerobic digestion and gasification systems. Front end processing and ...

Renewable Gas Solution Services

by ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc.     based in Potsdam, NEW YORK (USA)

The ZeroPoint Renewable Gas (RG) Solution represents the leading edge in distributed biomass gasification. The ZeroPoint RG Solution produces synthesis gas for steam boilers, combustion chamber co-firing, space heating, process heating and other thermal loads.

Biomass to Energy Solutions

by Royal Imtech N.V     based in Den HaagAshford, NETHERLANDS

Linked to the recognition that the world population is growing, resources and fossil fuels are depleting, we are fully aware of the necessity to explore new and innovative ways of delivering sustainable power generation. We offer our customers solutions, from concept design through to plant handover and aftercare. Our experience covers delivering ...

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