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Indoor Air quality monitoring

by Perfect Pollucon Services     based in Thane, INDIA

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of customers, we are engaged in providing Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Services. Our services are includes Monitoring & Assessment of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as per WHO/OSHA, NIOSH, ASHRAE, standard guidelines. These services are widely used in order to ensure cleanliness of the air. Air can be polluted ...

Indoor-Air-Quality-Monitoring Services

by Britewater Limited     based in Wrexham, UNITED KINGDOM

Indoor air quality is influenced by many factors including external air quality, design of enclosed spaces, the design and function of ventilation systems, maintenance and cleaning regimes and the presence of contaminant sources and the strength of such sources.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Services

by Cronin Environmental     based in Cork, IRELAND

Increasing knowledge of the indoor environment is essential in assessing the welfare of the building and its occupants. Cronin Environmental offer the service of monitoring: Air Velocity, Temperature/relative humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Airborne Paticulates.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Services

by Evolution Water Services Ltd     based in Hurst, UNITED KINGDOM

Microbiological and gas analysis. System cleaning in accordance with BSRIA/HVCA guideline standards. Indoor air quality audits and consultancy.

Ambient & Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Services

by Eastmount Environmental Services, LLC     based in Newbuuryport, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Ambient monitoring programs are typically carried out as part of site-specific health and safety plans at a wide range of hazardous waste cleanup sites. Their purpose is to determine baseline, remediation and post-closure levels of criteria, VOC, semi-volatile and trace metal pollutants. Using portable instrumentation and mobile laboratory ...

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring Services

by Air Compliance Testing, Inc.     based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA)

As an extension of Air Compliance Testing's expertise in air monitoring, we have significant capabilities in evaluating indoor air quality. Through personnel exposure assessments and material/product off-gassing studies, we assist clients in evaluating their workplace and indoor air issues. Indoor air quality problems are often caused by indoor ...

Indoor Air Quality Testing - ENVIRO' IAQ

by Enviro` & Industrial Solutions ME     based in Al Barsha South 2, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Survey, Investigation, Testing & Monitoring in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East.Our IAQ Testing Service encompasses the full required package; (a) Site Assessment & Questionnaire, (b)Monitoring/Testing of Chemical Pollutants, Particulate Matter (PM) 1, 2.5, 5 and 10, and Comfort Parameters, and (c)Delivering the Right ...

Indoor Air Quality - Inspection And Monitoring Services

by Building Monitoring Services Ltd     based in Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM

CLEAN AIR is a healthy business environment. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in commercial environments has become a major issue throughout Europe, creating awareness and driving legislation.

Indoor Air Quality

by NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research     based in Kjeller, NORWAY

NILU can offer indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and assessment of possible impacts on both human health and materials, including cultural artefacts and structures. The institute conducts indoor air pollution measurements and assessments based on extensive experience in the field and the expertise obtained from research projects. The ...

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

by Hygieneering, Inc.     based in Willowbrook, ILLINOIS (USA)

In addition to our proactive IAQ assessments, Hygieneering’s expert IAQ Group offers solutions to address your IAQ concerns, including: Mold & Moisture Investigations. Odor Assessments. Sick Building Issues. Flood Related Biological Testing. Airborne Particle Monitoring/Testing. Allergen Testing.

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